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A Casa da Betta, Carloforte - Sardinia

Would you like to have a pleasant holiday in one of the last authentic fishing villages of Sardinia? Here you will find the Dolce Vita and you can discover the unique island life and the beautiful landscape a few kilometers south from Sardinia!

About the accommodation

Isola di San Pietro with its only village, Carloforte, is different from the island of Sardinia. This is probably because almost all inhabitants are descended from old fishermen from Liguria. Almost three hundred years ago, King Charles Emanuel III. let Ligurian fishermen move to the uninhabited Isola di San Pietro. Customs, culture and island cuisine with pesto and focaccia are still from Genoa. If you are strolling along the harbor or getting lost in the narrow streets of the Castello, you might think you've landed in Cinque Terre. The island, which is only 50 square meters in size, has an unparalleled variety of landscapes. Here you can quickly get used to the slow island rhythm; buy a focaccia at the bakery in the morning and then go to "Damico" in the piazza for a cup of Italian coffee to watch the ferries that bring tourists to the island for a few days. Then you go to the beach and swim in the sea. In the evening, head to Piazza Repubblica to watch the elderly chat, in their own island dialect, under the ancient giant rubber trees. After this you take a walk along the small boutiques in the cozy streets of Carloforte. After a wonderful day, you end up at one of the many restaurants. Carloforte comes to life in the evening in the harbor and streets! Here you can just be part of it to take a stroll through the city after your dinner.
What else do people eat on Carloforte besides focaccia and pesto? Of course; tuna! The tuna is still caught here in the traditional way and often sold to Japan. But this very good quality tuna is also served in the cozy trattorias and star fish restaurants such as those of "Nicolo" from Luigi Pomata in Cagliari and "Al Tonno di Corsa" in Carloforte. Both are among the best seafood restaurants in Sardinia.


Here you can enjoy your holiday in the center of Carloforte, just a few meters from the harbor promenade. The apartment Casa da Betta is located on the second and third floor (and last floor) of an old mansion and is tastefully decorated with light colors. The kitchen is so comfortably furnished that nothing is missing; coffee maker, kettle, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, oven and mixer. The cabinets also contain fish plates and a pasta machine to make fresh pasta yourself. From the living room you can walk to the small balcony with a view of the alley and the city. but on the roof terrace you will find a nice outdoor space with a table and chairs for eating. there is also an outdoor grill, where you can grill a fish. There are also 2 bedrooms; 1 with a double bed and 1 with a single bed and a pull-out sofa bed for one person. A 2-person sofa bed can be added on request. There are two bathrooms. You will quickly feel at home in this apartment!


It's amazing what Carloforte has to offer! The island, which is only 50 square kilometers in size, is unmatched in its scenic diversity. Whether by car, or better by scooter or mountain bike, you can discover a different corner of the island here every day. For example, the crescent-shaped bay of La Mezzaluna, whose cliffs plunge almost 150 meters straight into the sea. The dreamy sandy bay of La Bobba has soft, golden sand, at Guidi the sea is not steeply sloping - ideal for a (swimming) holiday with children! Natural basalt steps lead directly to the crystal clear sea in the narrow La Conca fjord. As if a volcano had just erupted here yesterday: this is what the arid landscape of the Oasi LIPU bird sanctuary looks like: lava fields made of solidified magma lead to the coast. And there is one thing you shouldn't miss: the beautiful sunset at Capo Sadali at Italy's westernmost lighthouse.

A perfect stay for those...

If open windows where TV sound comes out, shopping at the bakery down the street, strolling in the evening and Dolce Vita at the piazza are part of your holiday, the Casa da Betta is the place for you!

Accommodation & facilities:
• Two floors, connected by a narrow spiral s...
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Pool: No
Wi-Fi: Yes
Beach: 3 km
Village: in the centre


A Casa da Betta a Carloforte (6 pers.)


Carloforte is the largest village on the island Isola di San Pietro. It was founded in the 18th century by a group of Ligurian coral fishers, who asked the King of Sardinia Charles Emmanuel III for permission to settle on the island, which wasn’t inhabited at that time. After being granted permission they colonized the island in 1739 and they named the town Carloforte (Charles the Strong, but also the Fort of Carlo), in honour of the king.
Over the years the village has transformed into a cosy seaside resort, whose restaurants are renowned for their tuna dishes. We recommend visiting the Piazza Carlo Emanuele.
San Pietro has a versatile coastline filled with beautiful creeks and bays. Birdwatchers may spot the Eleonora’s falcon, named after Eleonora of Arborea. The beaches of La Caletta and Cala Fico are definitely worth a visit.
carloforte, bekend vanwege de tonijnvangst, op het eiland isola di san pietro in zuid sardinie.png

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A Casa da Betta a Carloforte (6 pers.)
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