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Rent a kayak on Lake Cedrino in Dorgali

Do you want to explore Lake Cedrino in Dorgali in complete freedom? Then rent a kayak and set out to discover this oasis in the interior of Sardinia. This lake in Nuoro province is located 1,316 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the rugged Gennargentu Mountains. 80 kilometers away, the water flows into the Mediterranean Sea at Orosei. During a day of kayaking you will enjoy the versatile nature and historical monuments such as the church of San Pantaleo from 1600. You can also reach the famous water source of Su Gologone in Oliena with your kayak. In short, if you fancy a sporty day in contact with nature, then it is certainly nice to go kayaking in Dorgali for a day!

Good to know:
• Duration: 9 am - 6 pm
• Suitable for: all travelers
• Included in the excursion: kayak, life jacket, waterproof bag to transport belongings
• Bring your own: 1 set of extra clothing, head protection, sunscreen, water, snack, lunch
Day rent
In Dorgali
With the whole family
01.01 - 31.12
Kayak rental on Lake Cedrino
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