Sardinia, a unique experience

An honest round trip: Pure Sardinia

Sardinia4all invites you to explore the sunny and pure island in the Mediterranean sea. Experience Sardinia during this 15-day tour and discover the charm of the pristine south, the rugged west, the romantic north and the mystical east!

Our tour by (rental) car will lead you through various Sardinian regions in 15 days via five unique accommodations.

Your itinerary:
• 3 nights bed & breakfast in Hotel Luci del Faro in Calasetta (south-west Sardinia)
• 3 nights bed & breakfast in Agriturismo Casa Marmida in Pardu Atzei (west Sardinia)
• 2 nights bed & breakfast in Hotel Alma di Alghero (north-west Sardinia)
• 3 nights bed & breakfast in Hotel La Funtana in S. Teresa di Gallura (north Sardinia)
• 3 nights half board in Hotel Galanias in Barisardo (south-east Sardinia)

This tour is intended to provide an illustrative example of a possible itinerary. The round trip can be customized on request, taking into account your flight details and travel period.

• Cagliari (possible airport) - Calasetta: 98 km
• Calasetta - Torre dei Corsari: 134 km
• Torre dei Corsari - Alghero: 210 km
• Alghero - Santa Teresa di Gallura: 135 km
• Santa Teresa di Gallura - Barisardo: 233 km
• Barisardo - Cagliari (possible airport): 141 km

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The 15-day tour Pure Sardinia is perfectly suited for travellers wanting to explore Sardinia in a relatively short time.
Entire island
5 Accommodations
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The first destination of the 15-day tour Pure Sardinia is the peninsula of Sant'Anticio in south-west Sardinia. With a surface of 109 square kilometres Sant'Antioco is the fourth largest island in Italy after Sicily, Sardinia and Elba. The island is connected to its “mother” Sardinia by both a modern 5-kilometre bridge and a narrow isthmus. The island consists of a hilly landscape and rocky coastline.

When visiting the eponymous city, whose name derives from St. Antiochus, evangelizer of the area, we recommend exploring the Palaeo-Christian Basilica of Sant'Antioco, dating back to the 6th century, and its catacombs with frescoes; the Forte Sabaudo and the necropolis “Tophet”, a Phoenician sanctuary where habitants laid their infants born dead and those that died right after birth. At night the quiet town transforms into a lively centre where you can enjoy the tasty pastas, pizzas, fresh seafood dishes and ice cream.

After having visited the village of Sant'Antioco, the tour continues to Calasetta, a small village located on northern tip of the island of Sant'Antioco, where you'll be staying in Hotel Luci del Faro. The fishing village is characterised by low, whitewashed houses, a watchtower and narrow alleys. The central square is the place to be for a chat with the locals or a real Italian cappuccino. The beaches of Le Saline and Turri are definitely worth a visit.

If you're looking for a bit more action, we recommend kite surfing or renting a bike to tour the island. Alternatively, you can book a diving excursion or a sailing boat.

When visiting Calasetta we recommend taking the ferry to Isola di San Pietro as well. Ferries depart daily from Calasetta to the neighbouring island. Carloforte is the largest village on the island Isola di San Pietro. Over the years the village has transformed into a cosy seaside resort, whose restaurants are renowned for their tuna dishes. We recommend visiting the Piazza Carlo Emanuele. San Pietro has a versatile coastline filled with beautiful creeks and bays. Birdwatchers may spot the Eleonora’s falcon, named after Eleonora of Arborea. The beaches of La Caletta and Cala Fico are definitely worth a visit.


After breakfast you leave the picturesque Calasetta to drive northwards along the pristine south-western coast, via the villages of Nebida, Massua and Arbus. The area is known for the rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and former mining villages. Don’t forget to take a photo (mental or otherwise) of the 133-metre-high calcareous crag “Pan di Zucchero”.

When driving past the village of Arbus towards the sea, it becomes clear why this area is called the Costa Verde (green coast). The now abandoned neo-Gothic mining village Ingurtosu, at a mere 20 minutes from Arbus, used to house the mining administration. Lead, silver and zinc were obtained here. The remains of this industry are still present.

Following the well-passable dirt road through the forest and past the ghost town you’ll arrive at the ochre coloured dunes of Piscinas, the highest in Europe. You can easily park your car at the beach. The broad sandy beach is provided with 2 cosy beach bars. Even though the sea can be quite rough it’s very impressive and definitely worth a visit!

The tour leads to a small village in between Guspini and Torre dei Corsari, where we've booked you a room in the intimate farmhouse with pool; Agriturism Casa Marmida


En route to your next destination, you'll pass Terrabla, Marrubiu and Cabras, one of the most important fishing villages in the area, renowned for the production of "bottarga"; pressed and salted mullet roe, served in slices on bread or grated over pastas together with olive oil and garlic. The fish migrate to the lagoon of Cabras to reproduce. With a bit of luck you can spot flamingos here as well. We highly recommend eating in a so-called "ittiturismo", where you can enjoy tasty seafood dishes and bottarga served with a glass of locally produced Vernaccia wine.

On the Sinis peninsula you should also visit the seaside resort San Giovanni and Tharros, one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. Founded in 730 BC, the coastal town was inhabited first by Phoenicians, then by Punics and then by Romans. Nowadays just a third of the site has been excavated. The southern section consists of the Phoenician and the Roman town, with several baths, houses and sanctuaries.

A must see in this area is the unique beach of Is Arutas. This extraordinary kilometre-long beach, also known as the 'rice beach', consists of round coloured quartz grains instead of sand and is therefore one of the most unique beaches in Sardinia. Even during the busy summer months this coastal area is relatively quiet. The beach of Mari Ermi is worth a visit as well.

Having explored the western part of the island, the tour continues to Alghero. The city dates back to 1102, when the nobel Doria family built a castle there. In the year 1353 the Spaniards seized power in Alghero, leaving many traces behind which are still visible today. The palazzos, city walls and defence towers are built in a Spanish style. The bilingual street names in both Catalan and Italian still reflect the proud heritage after more than 300 years of domination.
Alghero is popular among tourists all year round. Its ideal location near the sea and within a 15-minute drive from Fertilia, Alghero’s airport, makes for a perfect holiday destination.
The old town consists of a maze of narrow cobbled alleys, decorated with laundry hanging out to dry on drying racks and makeshift clothes lines tied from balcony to balcony. In the city centre you can enjoy a stroll along the various piazzas with restaurants, bars, cafes and ice cream parlours or relax on the shaded terraces cooled by a fresh sea breeze. At night, as the sun sets behind cape Capo Caccia, the city is bathed in a beautiful orange light. At this time of night we recommend taking a walk along the boulevard and the harbour to one of Alghero’s restaurants to enjoy the delicious seafood dishes. Don’t forget to try the local specialty, "Aragosta alla Catalana" (lobster)!

The next 3 nights you'll be staying in Maison de Charme Bienestar, located in the heart of the lively village.

Stintino’s beautiful beaches, the Asinara National Park and the historic villages of Bosa and Castelsardo are all within easy reach of Alghero. Futhermore, there are numerous beautiful beaches nearby, such as Maria Pia, Le Bombarde and Spiaggia del Lazzaretto. If you’d like to explore Alghero’s versatile coastline by boat, we recommend booking our sailing excursion with the Andrea Jensen. Don't hesitate to ask us about the possibilities!

Santa Teresa di Gallura

The next destination of your round trip is the famous northern province of Olbia-Tempio. En route you'll pass Castelsardo, a popular holiday destination because of its strategic position on a hill, overlooking the Gulf of Asinara. The city has preserved its medieval fortress structure and ancient walls, serving to protect the city from attacks over sea. The castle, set on top of a hill, was built by the Doria family in the 12th century (the same Genovese family responsible for the foundation of Alghero). The city was called “Castelgenovese” or “Castel Doria”, until it was conquered by the Aragonese in the 15th century.
Despite the tourism the authentic ambiance of the historic city centre has been kept intact. Castelsardo is known for its narrow streets and piazzas; the Castelsardo Cathedral dedicated to Saint Anthony the Great; the Church of St. Mary, where the people of Castelsardo celebrate a series of Masses and processions during Lunissanti, a festival on the Monday after Palm Sunday.
In Castelsardo there are numerous restaurants, bars and shops, where you can watch the weaving of the traditional Sardinian reed baskets.

On your way to the next accommodation we recommend stopping over to visit the Roccia dell’Elefante, the Elephant Rock, a striking dark trachyte rock sculpted by the wind resembling an elephant.

The next few nights you'll be staying in Santa Teresa di Gallura, in the intimate 3-star hotel La Funtana. The strategic position of the hotel enables you to visit many nearby villages, such as the worldly Porto Cervo, the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Created by Prince Karim Aga Khan IV in the 60s and 70s, this Sardinian seaside resort is popular among both the national and the international jet set. In summer the elite resides in one of the luxurious resorts, villas or hotels or visits the boutiques near the central square.

The beautiful coastline near Santa Teresa di Gallura consists of numerous bays and beaches and spectacular rock formations. The wind has sculpted the rocks into beautiful shapes, the most famous of which is the “Roccia dell’Orso” in Palau, which with a bit of fantasy resembles a bear.

One of the highlights in north Sardinia is La Maddalena. This archipelago consists of more than 60 islands, of which La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli are the biggest. Only the main island La Maddalena is inhabited. Many tourists visit the archipelago by boat to enjoy the beautiful rock formations, nature, sea, bays and beaches. A ferry can bring you from Palau to La Maddalena in a mere 20 minutes and with a bit of luck you can spot dolphins on the way. Should you like to visit the other islands of the archipelago, we recommend booking our boat excursion with the Lady Luna!


The beautiful province of Ogliastra is the final destination of your tour. Today you'll travel through the rugged nature of the Gennargentu mountain range to the coastline of Arbatax. For the last 2 nights we have booked you a room in the 4-star hotel Galanias in Barisardo, south of Arbatax.

The village's name derives from the Arabic "arba'at'ashar", meaning “fourteenth tower”, referring to the light house located on the cast. The former fishing village has transformed into a fairly important harbour. The village itself is renowned for the red cliffs ("rocce rosse") disappearing into the blue waters. It’s also the terminal station of the narrow-gauge railroad of the Trenino Verde. In Arbatax you can book a boat (excursion) along the spectacular coast as well. Be prepared to be amazed by the many steep cliffs, high mountains, hidden bays and the stunning crystal-clear waters!

There are numerous villages in the area which are worth a visit. The small village of Bari Sardo is known for its linen, tapestries and fabrics. Bari Sardo’s church is provided with a rococo bell tower dating back to 1813. At night both locals and tourists alike love to sit down at one of the "piazzas" to enjoy dinner together with friends or family. The area near Bari Sardo bears many traces of its ancient inhabitants; many Nuraghe, Domus de Janas (chamber tombs) and Tombe dei Giganti have been found.

Tortoli is the capital of the province of Ogliastra. The city itself isn’t that special, but its scenic beauty is. In the area there’s a vast swamp where many migratory birds reside during the winter months and the numerous beautiful beaches in the area are definitely worth a visit. Three large Menhirs are situated along the road at ca. 4 kilometres from Tortoli, the biggest of which is called “Sa Limba e Boi” (ox tongue).

The name of the neighbouring village Torre di Bari is easily explained; “torre” refers to the 17-century Spanish tower and “Bari” means “swamp”.

Lotzorai was founded in between 2 rivers, Il Pramaera and Il Rio Girosole. The Gennargentu mountain range offers stunning panoramas and a favourable climate. A wide range of animals resides in this beautiful area. We recommend visiting the Domus de Janas (a type of pre-Nuragic chamber tomes, meaning “house of fairies”) Medusa and the remains of the 8th-century Medusa Castle.

From Baunei, an idyllic mountain village near Arbatax located at an altitude of 1000 metres, you have a spectacular view across the area. A trip to the beautiful Cala Goloritzè, only accessible on foot or by boat, is a must! In order to get there, you have to drive to the high plateau Altopiano di Golgo, a beautiful natural area housing numerous animal and bird species. Halfway you’ll come across a bar/restaurant with parking space, from where you can walk to the bay in approximately 1,5 hours. If you prefer joining a tour, an electric train can bring you from the city centre of Baunei to the high plateau as well.

Looking for a refreshing activity on a hot summer's day? Plan a visit to the caves Grotte Su Marmuri and the 2 waterfalls Cascate di Lequarci e Lecorci, at a 45-minute drive south of Lotzorai, near the village of Ulassai.

Hotel Luci del Faro

Luci del Faro is an intimate 3-star hotel with pool in Calasetta on the island Sant’Antioco, located near the sea in the yet undiscovered south-west of Sardinia.

More about Hotel Luci del Faro

Agriturismo Casa Marmida

Casa Marmida is a beautiful accommodation for travellers wanting to stay in a true agriturismo in west Sardinia. During your stay in this authentic accommodation you can enjoy the peace and quiet, visit the farm animals and take a refreshing dive in the pool. At night chef Andrea loves to introduce you to the savoury Sardinian cuisine by serving dishes made of the farm's own products.

More about Agriturismo Casa Marmida

Hotel Alma di Alghero

Het hotel geniet een perfecte ligging nabij het gezellige centrum van Alghero en haar prachtige kuststroken in het karakteristieke en beroemde centrum van de "Riviera del Corallo". Een perfect verblijf waar de combinatie ontspanning, strand en centrum samengaan.

More about Hotel Alma di Alghero

Hotel La Funtana

La Funtana is a 4-star hotel with pool in Santa Teresa di Gallura. This lively village in north Sardinia is the perfect base to explore the Costa Smeralda, the archipelago of La Maddalena and Corsica.

More about Hotel La Funtana

Hotel Galanias

Hotel Galanias Retreat is a lovely, intimate hotel in Bari Sardo on the east coast of Sardinia. Its location on a hill grants you a stunning view across the beach of Torre di Bari.

More about Hotel Galanias

+ Double room

Rates are per person per night
Arrival: daily
Starting point: Olbia, Cagliari or Alghero

The tour includes:
• Stay: 14 nights
• Type of room: Standard room
• Board: bed & breakfast

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We offer various car categories:
• Small: 3-door Fiat Panda or similar, manual transmission with air-conditioning
• Comfort: 5-door VW Polo or similar, manual transmission with air-conditioning
• Station: 5-door Opel Astra STW or similar, manual transmission with air-conditioning

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15-day tour Pure Sardinia
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