Sardinia, a unique experience
Stintino - Residence La Pelosetta


The intimate fishing village Stintino came into existence in 1882, when 45 families of the fishermen who previously lived on the peninsula of Asinara were evicted to make way for a penal colony and were obliged to find a new home. Its strategic position near the harbour of Porto Torres and near cities such as Alghero and Sassari has enabled this village to become in a beloved holiday destination. The area near Stintino is characterized by beautiful beaches such as La Pelosetta.
Capo Falcone, north of Stintino on the north-western tip of the island, is considered a true paradise because of its natural beauty. This cape has a spectacular view across the small island Isola Piena and its Spanish watchtower. Asinara, the bigger island behind Isola Piena, has a remarkable history and it houses a great variety of habitats. In 1997 Asinara National Park was established here. The park is open to visitors.