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Are you looking for the perfect accommodation for your holiday in Sardinia? We have already selected our favourite destinations to make sure you'll enjoy a unique holiday in Sardinia. To travellers wanting to explore more than one destination in Sardinia we recommend taking a look at our round trips or creating your own. We love to help you discover the most beautiful spots in Sardinia and we're happy to tailor the trip to your specific preferences.

If you have any difficulty finding a suitable destination, don't hesitate to ask Sardinia4all for advice. Because of our years-long experience as travel experts in Sardinia, we know the island like no other! We would like to introduce ourselves to you:

Sardinia, my home port

Before she decided to move Sardinia to build her life with her Sardinian partner in 1998, Marieke Geurts had already often visited the island.
Marieke envisioned an improved customer service for travellers looking for a Sardinian holiday and wanted to turn her passion for the island into a job. After a tourist education and over 10 years of experience in the Sardinian travel industry, she decided to start her own business in 2009 by founding

Marieke runs Sardinia4all from the southern part of Sardinia, perfect for maintaining our network with the accommodations’ hosts and exploring the island in order to discover even more unique locations and sights there.

Marieke says: “Sardinia, I still love it! In the beginning I really had to get used to the relaxed “domani, domani”, but you get so many beautiful things in return. The endless crystal clear waters; pristine nature; space and tranquillity; hospitality; sun… just to name a few of them. For work (and for fun!) I often travel to different parts of Sardinia, alone or with my family, to visit or try accommodations, take a course, enjoy an extensive shepherds’ lunch, harvest grapes and discover surprising locations. Let me tell you this: Sardinia is filled with them! Each region has its own charms, traditions, dialect and delicacies. Even though I’ve been here for years, I’ve seen a lot but certainly not all yet! For example, I only recently discovered the spectacular Su Goroppu gorge and several unique natural swimming pools. Joining a procession in a Sardinian traditional costume myself during a village fair is one of the things that’s still on my bucket list!”

Sardinia, my passion

In April 2009 a companion was found in Sanne Segaar. Sanne has also completed a tourist education and has been working in the industry for many years. She has loved spending her holidays on this particular island in the Mediterranean sea since 1993.

Sanne runs the head office in Leiden, the Netherlands, from where she keeps in close contact with the clients and travellers. She stays up-to-date by regularly visiting new locations and accommodations in Sardinia. She now has an excellent knowledge of the island. She loves to advise you on finding a suitable accommodation or planning a tailor-made round trip across the island.

Sanne says: “After all those years I still love coming to Sardinia! In the very beginning I travelled there alone or with my partner, preferably not during the peak season. Touring, visiting lots and lots of places, hiking through the rugged natural reserves or lounging at a terrace by the sea with a glass of vino and trying a new restaurant each time. I really like staying at a local farmer, but I definitely won’t decline an offer to stay in a luxurious hotel on the Costa Smeralda! Ah, and the climate… After waking up I quickly put on my flip-flops and go out to enjoy the sun and the outdoor life. I’m married now and have 3 children who also love to travel with us to my dream island; chilling in a resort or holiday home and swimming, diving and snorkelling in the beautiful deep blue sea. Luckily I can visit Sardinia a few times a year to enjoy a well-deserved working holiday!”

Sardinia, my new challenge

On the first of March 2017 Bianca Aardenburg started working at Sardinia4all. Having completed a tourist education she has been working in the travel industry for years. She’s frequently travelled to Italy and Sardinia. Apart from Dutch and English Bianca speaks German fluently and she’s currently enrolled in both French and Spanish language classes as well.

Travelling is one of Bianca’s biggest passions and she adores Italy, mainly because of its culture, its hospitality and its cuisine. After a holiday in Sardinia with her family she fell in love with “l’isolla bella”!

Bianca says: “Sardinia is such a beautiful and versatile island. I love the hidden bays with crystal clear waters alternated with the island’s rugged nature. The Sardinians are such a friendly and hospitable people. It’s like time has stood still in some of the villages, I love that authenticity. Sardinia is pure and it has a fascinating culture. It’s so much more than a beautiful destination for a beach holiday! Cycling, hiking, horse riding, snorkelling, diving… There’s just so much to do! My recommendation? A 4-day trek with donkeys!
In short, Sardinia is a unique destination and I can’t wait to help plan a never-to-be-forgotten holiday!”

Een nieuwe collega uit Sardinië

Sardinia, a new perspective

Our newest team member Lena Lambers started working at Sardinia4all on 1 November 2017. Originally a classical archaeologist working in the preservation of historical monuments, Lena's studies of the Roman and Italian culture and many travels have resulted in a long-lasting love for Italy. She can therefore not only plan an unforgettable holiday, she can also give many tips for exciting excursions. Lena is a native German, speaks English fluently and Dutch well and she even is proficient in Spanish and Turkish.

Lena says: "The cultural history of Sardinia is extremely fascinating. Because of its strategic location, in antiquity Sardinia was a popular trade post and therefore a hotly contested area. When travelling across the island there are traces of its exciting past everywhere. Sardinia has been inhabited by numerous cultures since the Neolithic period, most visible of which were the Nuraghe who built more than 3,000 tower-like nuraghi which you can still visit nowadays, but there are also even older sites with dolmens, giant tombs and menhirs. In the last millennium BC Sardinia was a centre of Phoenician-Punic commerce and in the Punic Wars it was the focus of attention of the Romans, who also left many architectural traces which can still be seen today. An incredibly exciting history!"

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