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A tour across Sardinia, charming holiday homes, luxury villas, authentic agriturismos and intimate hotels. Sardinia4all is your one-stop destination for all your Sardinian holiday needs. Whether you prefer to book your vacation online or the personalized touch of expert advice from your Sardinian travel specialists, we're dedicated to helping you design the perfect custom Sardinian getaway.

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Sardinia, my island!

Sardinia is varied in every season. In spring and autumn the mountains are a true experience and I prefer to spend the summer in the Ogliastra. I'm happy to help you and to turn my Sardinia into your Sardinia!


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Explore unique Sardinia

Are you considering a journey to explore the multifaceted island of Sardinia? This gem of Italy is brimming with wonders. From its pristine white sands and azure waters to the vibrant pink flamingos, Sardinia is a treasure trove of delights. Indulge in the island's sumptuous local fare and meander through its charming streets. Whether you opt for a stay in a resort, a private villa with pool or next to the beach, or immerse yourself in the authentic Sardinian experience at an agriturismo, your holiday is guaranteed to be extraordinary.

Plan your Sardinian getaway with Sardinia4all. Our modular approach allows you to craft a personalized Sardinian tour in six simple steps. If you're overwhelmed by options, our expertise is at your service. As connoisseurs of Sardinian holidays, we're eager to design a bespoke itinerary ensuring your time in Sardinia is truly memorable. Whether it's a relaxing relaxing beach retreat, an adventure-packed escape or a family adventure, your vacation will unfold just as you imagine.

Choosing several stops across the island is also an option, enhancing your tour with a wealth of experiences. As your Sardinian travel experts, we're here to assist. Tailoring holiday spots to your preferences, we'll provide a tailored proposalwithout obligation. Additionally, we'll share our best tips for excursionsand vacations, along with information on car rentals, flights, and ferries to Sardinia.

Curious to learn more about the island? Dive into our blog for insights on local festivals, the finest spots and shores of Sardinia, and guidance to the island's most extraordinary lodgings and sights. As island locals, we offer unparalleled insights into the unique allure of Sardinia.

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Discover Sardinia

Discover the island during your holiday with Sardinia4all! What is it that makes this Italian island so special? Possibly the alluring combination of the Mediterranean sun, Sardinia’s relaxing atmosphere, the spectacular beaches, deep blue sea and its varied and rugged landscape. Stroll through the old villages, taste the excellent food, discover the ancient culture and enjoy the pristine nature on your way. What would you like to discover in Sardinia?
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A holiday in West Sardinia?


The province of Oristano is located in the western part of Sardinia and its landscape is fairly levelled and green. The coastal line is made of dazzling quartz beaches and outstretched marshes where many migratory birds such as the pink flamingos live. Visit the archaeological remains of Tharros dating back to the 8th century B.C. or the peninsula of Sinis and taste the delicious bottarga. Sardinia4all will surprise you with its beautiful accommodations located in idyllic villages. How about Bosa, Riola Sardo or Cabras?
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A holiday in Southwest Sardinia?

Medio Campidano

Do you prefer to spend your Sardinian holiday in a tranquil area? Meet the province of Medio Campidano, located on the west coast of the island. This green and pristine region is also known as the Costa Verde. Explore the best preserved nuraghe, the high sand dunes, rugged beaches and fantastic natural reserves. Discover Sardinia4all’s extraordinary accommodations, selected especially for you!
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A holiday in Southwest Sardinia?

Carbonia Iglesias

Panoramic routes along the rugged coastal line, hidden beaches, natural wonders and mining tracks; just some of the aspects you won’t find anywhere else on the island. In this south-western province you can enjoy the peace and quiet or visit the vibrant peninsula of Sant'Antioco or the fishing village of Carloforte. Sardinia 4all has a unique collection of intimate hotels and private apartments here!
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A holiday in South Sardinia?


Would you like to explore the beautiful southern part of Sardinia on your next holiday? The city centre of Sardinia’s capital Cagliari is filled with museums, historic sights and cosy squares with lively piazzas. Numerous hidden bays and sandy beaches can be found in Pula, Chia, Villasimius and Costa Rei; a true paradise for a beach holiday! If you like to stay active during your holiday, you can enjoy the various challenging hiking trails or bike tours across the Monte dei Sette Fratelli mountains. Book your stay in this province with Sardinia4all and start exploring!
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A holiday in Southeast Sardinia?


Explore the most beautiful bays, take a refreshing dive in the crystal clear waters, hike through splendid nature reserves, visit authentic mountain villages; discover it all during a stay in Ogliastra. This versatile province in east Sardinia is a spectacular destination for travellers wanting to enjoy both a beach holiday and a more active vacation. Prepare to be surprised by Sardinia4all’s propositions.
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A holiday in Northwest Sardinia?


Sassari is located in north-west Sardinia. This diverse province holds a unique combination of striking cliffs, spectacular beaches, a beautiful landscape, caves and archaeological sites. How about a holiday in a picturesque coastal village like Alghero or Castelsardo? Or do you prefer sunbathing on a white sandy beach in Stintino? Sardinia4all has already singled out the most beautiful places to stay both near the sea and in the city centre!
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A holiday in North Sardinia?

Olbia Tempio

Are you looking for an idyllic destination for your Sardinian holiday? Olbia Tempio in north Sardinia; a little slice of heaven. This region is perfectly suited for you if you want to soak up the Mediterranean sun on the luxurious Costa Smeralda, known for its sandy beaches and turquoise sea, or if you want to go sailing, surfing or exploring the crystal clear waters during a diving or snorkelling excursion. The archaeological sites here are definitely worth a visit and the bays of the La Maddalena archipelago are regarded as the most beautiful in Europe. Would you like to know what Sardinia4all has to offer in this paradise like region?
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A holiday in East Sardinia


Each Sardinian province has its own charm and folklore. In the beautiful Nuoro you get to experience the true soul of Sardinia. Discover Nuoro’s countless idyllic bays and the inland’s traditional shepherds’ huts, explore the rugged Gennargenty mountain area and taste the authentic Sardinian cuisine. Sardinia4all certainly has something for everyone!
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