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Get inspired for your Sardinia holiday and read our many tips for a unique holiday in Sardinia!

Unique spots in Sardinia

All year round we explore Sardinia looking for the most unique spots and stays. We love sharing our experiences with you!

Trekking in Sardinia

Wandelen tijdens je vakantie op Sardinië is zonder meer de moeite waard. Op het eiland vindt je talloze wandelgebieden waar je kunt genieten van rust en ruimte. Als Sardinië experts hebben wij alvast een aantal mooie wandelroutes voor je op een rij gezet. Van schitterende wandelingen door de bergen langs bijzondere flora en fauna tot heerlijke wandelpaden langs de kust. Welke wandelingen ga jij maken?

Discover the most beautiful hiking trails in Sardinia

Must sees in Sardinia

Apart from white sandy beaches and emerald waters, there are numerous sights in Sardinia. Read our Top 10 and get ready to explore Sardinia's picturesque villages, beautiful landscapes, spectacular caves and archaeological sights during your vacation.

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The mysterious world of the ancient nuraghe

A holiday in Sardinia should definitely include a visit to a nuraghe, a sturdy tower construction dating back to the Bronze Age. The best preserved one is called Su Nuraxi in Barumini, but if you're not staying in the province of Medio Campidano, you can easily choose one of the other 7000 examples, such as Santu Antine in Sassari or nuraghe Losa in the province of Oristano.

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Sardinia, back in time

Not many islands have as many archaeological sites as Sardinia. The island has been inhabited since the Neolithic period and has been occupied by many different cultures. Nowadays you can still spot many traces of the island's past, such as Domus de Janas, Tombe dei Giganti, nuraghic towers and remains of Phoenician, Punic, Greek and Roman settlements.

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A city trip to Sardinia's capital Cagliari in south Sardinia

A holiday in Sardinia should definitely include a trip to its capital Cagliari. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the narrow alleys in the historic city centre, shop in one of the boutiques on the Via Roma, book a table for a savoury lunch in a Sardinian 'trattoria' or relax at the city's kilometre-long sandy beach. Cagliari is definitely worth a visit!

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Ontdek één van Europa’s diepste kloven

Wil je echt spectaculaire wandeling op Sardinië maken bezoek dan zeker Su Gorropu! Dit is één van de diepste kloven van Europa. Je wandelt door een prachtige natuur en langs indrukwekkende
steile wanden. Tot slot klauter en klim je over grote rotspartijen in de kloof en je kunt pootje baden in één van de natuurlijke baden.

Lees meer over de Su Gorropu kloof

Tour along Sardinia's west coast

"After having explored part of this coastal route some time ago, last weekend we made a spectacular new trip north, along the fairly unknown west coast of the island. A unique experience! We've enjoyed the stunning views, the nature, rugged cliffs and the beaches. You can truly taste the peace and quiet here!"

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Spotted: pink flamingos

The Sardinian spring, with its pleasant temperatures and cool evenings, is the perfect time of year to discover the southern province of Cagliari. This area offers more than a lively city with a rich history. Sardinia4all geared up to find the pink flamingos in the natural reserve of Parco di Molentargius in Cagliari.

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Natural beauty in Cagliari

Get ready to explore a unique location in Cagliari. Sardinia4all hikes to the hotspot La Sella del Diavolo (the Devil's Saddle), a spectacular lookout point which offers a stunning view across the the capital and its kilometre-long beach.

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Explore the rugged Gennargentu mountain range

Are you looking for a unique hotspot in a pristine area in the heart of Sardinia? Sardinia4all has planned a beautiful hiking tour through the mountains and over rocks and cliffs which will lead to a lovely natural pool.

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The tuna island: culinary highlights

After a crossing of ca. 20 minutes you'll arrive at Isola di San Pietro, a small island in the southwest also known as the tuna island. You can taste the very best tuna dishes in one of the restaurants in the lively Carloforte, but the island offers even more...

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Breng een bezoekje aan de grotta di Ispinigoli

Verblijf je in de regio Nuoro? Breng dan zeker een bezoekje aan één van de grootste en indrukwekkende grot van het eiland "grotta di Ispinigoli". Geelachtige kalksteenformaties in contrast met stalactieten en stalagmieten maken het een bijzonder geheel.

Lees meer over de grot di Ispinigoli

A Sardinian country house

"Upon opening the door, the first thought that enters my mind is: 'What a view and what a peaceful location.' "

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Far away from mass tourism in west Sardinia

Our biggest passion is exploring Sardinia looking for new hidden gems and must sees. Our hobby has become our work and we love sharing our experiences with you! What will we discover today?

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Country with a modern twist

"We've been wanting to explore the winding road from Bosa to Alghero for a while now. Usually we opt for the fastest route, the SS131, but since we've got some time we are ready to fulfill this dream of ours today! Let's go! The beloved Alghero on the Riviera del Corallo offers numerous sights. We can't wait to see what this day will bring us. Above all we can't wait to discover this new accommodation we've been hearing so much about..."

Road more about this modern country resort

Wow, dream villas!

"What are we looking for today? 'Dream villas!' I yell. "Beautiful yet affordable holiday homes in a private setting with an elegant interior, where you will feel completely at home upon entering!" my colleague adds enthusiastically. Past the Bear Rock and the lively Palau we follow a road winding up a hill. We enjoy the stunning view across the deep blue Mediterranean sea filled with small sailing boats, with the archipelago of La Maddalena in the background. We never would've thought we'd encounter these stunning villas in an A location!"

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Ecotourism, sustainable tourism and slow tourism

"For some years now a new kind of tourism is becoming more and more populair. We often make more yet shorter trips. The popularity of the versatile all inclusive resorts decreases making way for small and more authentic stays. We make conscious decisions and prefer the ecologic and sustainable alternatives and the so-called slow tourism. Today I'm hoping to find a new place to stay which will introduce us to the local traditions and habits. During my trip to the wooded Baunei, one of those hidden places in the middle of nowhere, thoughts about ecotourism, sustainable tourism and slow tourism enter my mind and I wonder... what are the differences between those three? A perfect reason to find out more!"

Road more about ecotourism in Sardinia

The Festa di Sant'Efisio in May

The festival of Sant'Efisio held in Cagliari in May is the most import event of Sardinia's capital. Since 1957 on the first of May Sant'Efisio is carried from Cagliari via Pula to Nora. Thousands of people dressed in traditional Sardinian costumes accompany the procession on foot starting from the city centre. The saint returns on the fourth of May. Sardinia4all was lucky enough to watch this procession several times now. An extraordinary happening! We highly recommend visiting this unique celebration in Cagliari on May 1st!

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Autunno in Barbagia

The days grow shorter, the trees lose their leaves and the weather changes... Autumn has set in. Sardinia follows the exact same calendar as we do, however, due to its location the islanders enjoy a much milder climate. The sun's still shining, the nights are a bit cooler. All in all a lovely period to enjoy the colours and the fragrances of Sardinia and to visit the event Autunno in Barbagia!

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A motorbike holiday in Sardinia

If you have plans to discover Sardinia by motorbike, read our tips for a perfect motorbike holiday on the island. Discover the most beautiful routes along the coast and in the mountains for endless touring pleasure. Of course we also have good overnight tips for pleasant locations where you can also park the motorcycle safely!

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The best beaches in Sardinia?

Where will you find Sardinia's most beautiful beaches? Do you prefer chilling with your feet in the sand while sipping a cocktail at a beach club or snorkelling in between the rocks and building sand castles on the beach? Sardinia4all is happy to introduce you to the most stunning beaches, bays and crystal clear waters! Let's go!

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The green train of Sardinia; Trenino Verde

Would you like to discover Sardinia in a unique way? Hop on the Trenino Verde to explore the island's rugged inland. In the morning the small green trains leave their stations to follow one of four touristic routes. The narrow gauge railroad leads through pristine areas in the mountains, to lakes and picturesque villages. Writer David Herbert Lawrence was so impressed that he wrote in his book Sardinia and Sea: "This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel-nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself.” Will you join us?

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Experience Sardinia during a round trip

A round trip is the best way to see as much as you can in a short time. You can either drive to France or Italy's mainland and book a ferry crossing to Sardinia or book a fly & drive. Curious about our recommendations? Ask our travel experts to send you a tailor-made proposal. Many travellers have already explored stunning Sardinia with Sardinia4all. Would you like to read more about their tips and experiences?

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Would you like to drive to Sardinia?

It's quite an adventure to drive to Sardinia by car, but definitely worth the effort! It's about 1300 kilometres from the Netherlands. You'll be on the road for more than 13 hours to drive from Amsterdam to the harbour of Genoa or Livorno, from where you'll cross over to Sardinia by ferry. You could book a crossing by day, but if you're travelling with kids we recommend sailing at night.

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A day with the kids

Besides a relaxing day at the beach Sardinia offers numerous activities perfectly suited for children. Your kids can splash away in one of the various water parks in the north or the south. Sardinia4all offers various excursions which are also suited for young(er) travellers. We've already made a selection of several activities and hotspots to make sure you and your kids won't be bored!

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Are you planning to use public transport in Sardinia?

There are several bus and train connections on the island. If you decide to explore the island without a (rental) car, read our tips about the various possibilities from Oblia, Alghero and Cagliari to make sure you're prepared properly.

Read more about the public transport in Sardinia

Sardinia travel experiences

Time to pick out a lovely holiday! Where will you be going and what can you expect? Read the numerous holiday tales and travel tips written by our customers, so you can enjoy a unique stay in Sardinia as well!

Read more about the experiences of our travellers

Why should you choose to go to Sardinia?

Why Sardinia? From unique bounty beaches to a pristine nature - it's all there. In this blog we'll give you some reasons as to why you should definitely book a Sardinian holiday.

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Tasty Sardinia

Are you a foodie and would you like to eat in the very best restaurants? We've already selected our favourites for you!

The traditional inland is known for its extraordinary meat dishes, of which porcheddu is the best known example. Stews, home made pastas and cheeses paired with beautiful local wines will make for unique combinations. The coastal areas are renowned for their tasty seafood dishes. Red lobsters and shell fish and crustaceans... Delicious! We were lucky enough to try some of the island's best restaurants for you and have put together a list of some of our favourites. Ready to try the mouthwatering dishes of the Sardinian cuisine?

Typische gerechten uit Sardinië

Als we het over Sardinië hebben dan is de prachtige zee, de ruige kustlijn en de weelderige vegetatie vaak het eerste wat in je opkomt. Maar Sardinië is veel meer, naast de verschillende gewoonten en tradities kun je ook denken aan de culinaire tradities van het eiland. De Sardisch keuken biedt typische en overheerlijke recepten, gekenmerkt door een eigen geschiedenis en ware tradities.

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Wijnen en wijnhuizen op Sardinië

Attenzione wijnliefhebbers! Een belangrijk onderdeel van je vakantie is natuurlijk het proeven van de lokale gerechten en wijnen. Sardinië heeft een rijke historie, ook als het gaat om wijnbouw. Lees deze blog om meer te weten te komen over de verschillende druivensoorten en onze persoonlijke favorieten – een goede voorbereiding om straks optimaal te kunnen genieten van een heerlijk glas Sardijnse wijn (…of twee). Salute!

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Restaurant Su Gologone in Oliena

Su Gologone is part of the the eponymous extraordinary Experience Hotel in Oliena in east Sardinia. The restaurant's ambiance is unique. The chef serves traditional dishes such as spit-roasted meats and home made pastas. The suckling pigs and rabbits are being roasted on a spit in the authentic fire place in the middle of the restaurant. The menu also includes a selection of beautiful local wines. The quality of the food is finger licking good; we couldn't stop eating!

Ristorante Su Gologone
Loc. su Gologone,
08025 Oliena (Nuoro)

Restaurant & Bistro dal Corsaro in Cagliari

Dal Corsaro behoort tot een van de meest bekende restaurants in Cagliari. Deze bistro is sterk verbonden aan de Sardijnse enogastronomische cultuur. In de elegante zaal staan verschillende grote ronde tafels. Chef-kok Stefano Deidda biedt een royale keuze aan à la carte gerechten en gran menu's, waarbij hij iedere gast weet te verrassen. De sommelier adviseert je graag bij de keuze van een mooie wijn, zodat je dubbelop kunt genieten van een smakelijke nouvelle cuisine.

Risorante dal Corsaro
Viale Regina Margherita 28
09100 Cagliari

Restaurant Sa Picchettara in Cagliari

Voor een smakelijke avond in Cagliari is restaurant Sa Picchettara een aanbeveling! Sardinia4all heeft hier alvast een kijkje genomen. In het kleine restaurant, dat bestaat uit ca. 10 tafels, worden overheerlijke verse pasta's en diverse traditionele gerechten geserveerd. De voortreffelijke visschotels en zeevruchten verdienen een speciale vermelding. Een mooi plekje in hartje centrum voor alle lekkerbekken!

Restaurant Sa Pichettara
Via San Giovanni 224
09121 Cagliari

Restaurant Luigi Pomata in Cagliari

Ben je niet in de gelegenheid om een bezoekje te brengen aan het tonijn eiland Isola di San Pietro? Kies dan voor een avondje in het teken van tonijn bij Pomata in Cagliari! Dit gezellige en modern ingerichte restaurant met buitenterras ligt in het centrum van de hoofdstad. Hier kun je kennis maken met een creatieve traditionele keuken, waarbij tonijn in veel gerechten de hoofdrol speelt. Gaat jouw voorkeur uit naar een verse pasta, vleesgerecht of een verrassend dessert? Geen probleem! We garanderen dat je zult genieten van de creatieve gerechten!

Luigi Pomata
Viale Regina Margherita 14
09124 Cagliari