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Motorcycling along the Mediterranean
Our tips for a perfect motorcycling holiday in Sardinia

Sardinia is a true paradise for motorcyclists. Beautiful long coastal routes, winding and deserted mountain roads, but also easy through roads provide endless touring pleasure at your own level on the third largest island at the Mediterranean. Is discovering adventurous Sardinia also on your bucket list and are you a fan of motorcycling? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

After a day full of adventures on the road, a stay in a beach hotel is an ideal rest location for the next phase of your tour. But also an overnight stay in the mountains or in one of the authentic farms offer social highlights during every motorcycle trip. We are happy to give you our tips for the best motorhotels , route suggestions and tips for your travel planning .

When is the best time to explore Sardinia by motorcycle?

You can plan a holiday to Sardinia roughly from Easter to October. Because of the pleasant temperatures, the motorcycle season on the island is definitely spring and autumn. Then you will find little traffic even in the tourist areas such as the Costa Smeralda, the winding areas of the Strada Statale 125 - Orientale Sarda and on the Costa del Sud. Those who travel in high season can climb deserted mountain passes in the lonely mountains of the Supramonte - the central part of Sardinia - because the Sardens like to stay by the sea during this time.
But the winter months on the island are also very popular with enduro fans . Dirt roads, exciting forest paths, roads with deep gullies and an evergreen nature provide the necessary driving pleasure in a fantastic landscape.

On two wheels to Sardinia

True motorcycle fans will of course want to drive to the island on two tires, especially since rental bicycles are relatively expensive and rare and are not always well maintained in Sardinia. Just the trip on the mainland to the ports of Genoa or Livorno is a road trip itself. Fantastic areas to travel through are for example the Swiss Alps, where you can enjoy beautiful cruising outside the highways. Ideal for travelers from the Netherlands and North and West Germany as well as the residents of Palatinate, Swabia, and Baden. The Brenner through Austria, on the other hand, is less sparkling, but the fastest way if you travel from central Germany or Bavaria.
If you have a minibus or van for the luggage and transport of the motorcycles, it is best to book your crossings with a good travel provider. Transport is often seen as a special vehicle, where a change of number plate is necessary. Each shipping company has its own rules when it comes to vehicle dimensions. Therefore, contact someone with experience of the crossings.

We are happy to help you book a crossing!

With good preparation, your motorcycle holiday in Sardinia cannot go wrong!

Obviously, helmet is mandatory in Italy, mobile phones without hands-free function are taboo and the alcohol limit is 0.5 per mille. A speed limit of 90 km per hour applies on motorways and 50 km per hour in built-up areas. Only 110 km per hour is allowed on a number of highways, but that does not automatically mean that these roads are in perfect high-speed condition.

• Brakes, tires, chain and luggage carriers are subject to special loads. That is why it is better to check these items thoroughly before departure. Motorbike garages are scarce, especially in sparsely populated mountain areas. In addition, employees of Sardinian garages are still real artists who often perform manual work.

• For the safety of the engines on the ferry, the crew is responsible for securing the bicycles to the walls and floor with special tires and fixtures. A watchful eye will not hurt, it may be wise to place a few towels under these bands to protect against chafing.

• Before departure you still have time to store the necessary items for on board in a bag or backpack. The ferry garage is not accessible during the crossing.

• Make sure you have a full tank, or do not drive away empty! Gas stations are not massively present and have the necessary pitfalls. Sardinian petrol stations are not always available with foreign credit or debit cards and staffed stations have lunch breaks from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm - an important detail before the journey begins!

• The rough surfaces on the Sardinian roads ensure perfect grip, but also high wear and tear - so drive with sufficient profile! You regularly come across sharp stones on the roads. Having a tire repair kit with you is not a superfluous luxury.

... get on the ferry!

You will hardly believe it, but also for motorcyclists there is not unlimited space during the crossings. Some ferry companies have limited availability for two-wheelers and the places for a motorcycle on board are therefore often sold out quickly. This is especially true in popular months like May, June, September and October. Groups of motorcyclists are better off calling in for help from an expert for advise and to book the crossing of their group. In this way the group is assured of a place on board for all motorcycles during the same departure. We can of course also reserve accommodation on board to make your crossing as comfortable as possible.

Ask us for a no-obligation quote for your crossing.

The most challenging curves on the island

On the quiet roads of the southern region of the Barbagia, such as from Mandas to Lunasei, there are plenty of bends. Some driving skills are required for the mountain passes of Gennargentu, in the vicinity of
Fonni , Aritzo , Meana, Sardo and Seui. In the spring, the roads in this mountain may have been damaged as a result of the harsh winter months.
The curves wind through the landscape from the mountains to the coastline of Alghero to Bosa . You can combine this route with the mountain route via Vilanova Monteleone to make it extra special. A classic among motorcyclists is the Orientale Sarda, the national road in the east of the island . Especially the part between Baunei and Dorgali is fun to ride on a motorcycle. In the south, the capital Cagliari is connected by many tunnels with Villasimius and Costa Rei . In the hinterland, the old mountain road to Burcei and the mountains of the Sette Fratelli is a must for motorcyclists, wonderfully quiet and many curves. A dream for every motorcyclist is the Gallura region , all the way in the northeast of the island. Around Tempio Pausania to Berchidda, Buddusò and Bitti you will find beautiful roads to drive and will enjoy the rugged landscape along the way.


Plan your motorcycle holiday!

After a long and beautiful ride, it is nice to arrive at a good accommodation. Planning and booking of your accommodations in advance means that you can tour the beautiful Sardinia carefree during the day. Whatever your wishes are for an overnight stay, we can reserve this for you. Whether this is an agriturismo or a small-scale hotel where you can park your motorcycle, we give you good advice. If you are going on holiday with a group of motorcyclists, a villa or holiday home is also ideal, ask us for the possibilities!

Our tip for a 10-day motorcycle holiday in Sardinia.

Off road world of Sardinia

The mountains of Sardinia offer a lot of driving pleasure for motorcyclists. Beautiful landscape with special curves and every now and then a herd of sheep or goats cross the road. We call that the Sardinian traffic jam! Around Orgosolo , Oliena and Cala Gonone you drive on lonely but beautiful mountain roads. We recommend off-road fans in the Padru area, to drive the tour
direction San Teodoro and even at the Costa Smeralda . You will also find beautiful roads through the mountains and forests of Sulcis-Iglesiente and the mountains of the Sette Fratelli and from Capoterra in the south of the island.

Plan your motorcycle trip in Sardinia with Sardinia4all!

What is the best option for your motorcycle holiday, the best beach for on the road, the perfect place to stay where you can park your motorcycle? Ask us - we know where to get the best of Sardinia with your motorcycle!


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