Sardinia, a unique experience


Bitti is located about 20 kilometres north of Nuoro, at an altitude of 565 metres above sea level. The economy of Bitti’s 2.800 inhabitants is based on arable farming and cattle farming. It’s one the most important centres in the northern part of the Barbagia. In the historic city centre, for example in the 19th century San Giorgio Martire Church, the authentic traditions are visible still. You can buy wood carved decorations, wrought iron products, glassware and handmade Sardinian costumes in the various shops.
The traditional inland is known for its authentic meat dishes, such as “porcheddu”. Stews, pastas, cheeses and local wines make for a tasty dinner. Near Bitti, on the road to Orune, you can visit Su Tempiesu, a Nuraghic well-temple built in huge square blocks of basalt, housing a sacred well which drew water from a spring used for rituals.