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A fascinating tour of the Caves of Ispinigoli

Are you staying in the area of ​​Dorgali, Oliena or Cala Gonone in the Nuoro region? Then be sure to visit the grotta di Ispignoli. Guided tours are organized here every hour from June to September from 10am to 5pm. Tickets for entrance are available on site.

Special inside

One of the largest caves on the island of Sardinia is the Ispinigoli cave. The special thing about the Grotta Ispinigoli is the approximately 38 meter high column, one of the most impressive in Europe. The contrast between the small stalactites and huge stalagmites are characteristic. Past yellowish limestone formations of different shapes and shades you pass the deepest point of the cave and thus the base of the enormous pillar. If you want to visit the whole cave to the bottom of the column, you will climb about 280 steps.

The caves are also currently used as the venue for concerts, especially choral music, given the perfect acoustics for this type of singing.


From a historical point of view, the cave is also of extraordinary importance because of the finds. This consists of relatively small human remains such as jewelry. The finds date back to the Bronze Age and indicate the existence of Nuragic peoples who made Phoenician offerings at funerals.
Until a few decades ago, it was used as a home by native herders and as a shelter for their sheep during certain seasons of the year. The temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius all year round.

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