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The most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

Whether you are looking for "beautiful beaches of Sardinia", "most beautiful beaches in Sardinia" or "where are the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia?", one thing is certain: many sites show pictures of the most beautiful dream beaches of the island of Sardinia. And not without reason, because you can find countless white bays and an azure blue sea, which makes you feel like you are in the Caribbean! And that just a two-hour flight. But where on the island do you find those beloved dream beaches? As residents of Sardinia, we are of course happy to test this for you, so also you can enjoy a unique beach holiday in Sardinia!

Enjoy the most beautiful beaches in northern Sardinia and accommodations with all amenities

From a tourist point of view, Olbia-Tempio is the most famous province of Sardinia in the north. This is without doubt a beautiful place on the island to spend a wonderful holiday devoted to sun, sea and sand. Here you will find beautiful white sandy beaches interspersed with hidden bays surrounded by granite rocks and trendy beach clubs. The color of the sea? Intense blue - and you can snorkel and dive fantastic in many places. Take a look at beaches like Capriccioli or Spiaggia del Principe in Porto Cervo or discover the unique "calas" of Santa Teresa di Gallura. If you descend a bit more to the northeast, we recommend that you also take a dip in the sea of ​​La Cinta near San Teodoro and visit the headland of Capo Coda Cavallo. Here you will find the beach Spiaggia di Cala Brandichi, also known as little Tahiti.

In general, the beaches in North and North East Sardinia are also child friendly. This does not mean that you do not have to keep an eye on things. The special thing is that you can often walk meters deep into the sea, where the water does not come higher than your knees. If you travel more towards Badesi or Isola Rossa on the north coast, the sea can sometimes be a bit rougher with a somewhat higher wave. During a holiday in the north of Sardinia you should definitely discover the many dream beaches of the Maddalena Islands! Are you looking for a combination of beach and surfing ? Then the area around Palau and Porto Pollo is perfect! These places are also among the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Would you like to spend your vacation here? Sardinia4all has the
most beautiful holiday spots in Northern Sardinia selected for you!

Beaches Eastern Sardinia

Float in the sea and experience the hidden bays, follow hiking trails through the rugged nature to secret beaches and snorkel in crystal clear water ...

Beaches in Eastern Sardinia

Have fun on the most beautiful beaches of Eastern Sardinia. The east of Sardinia is more varied and is certainly not inferior to the north in terms of beaches. Around Orosei you will find numerous long white sandy beaches that are also very suitable for children. Nice examples of these are the beaches of Cala Liberotto and Cala Ginepro. The coastline from Cala Gonone to the north of Arbatax is unique. This coastal strip is characterized by high cliffs and an almost countless number of small bays that often consist of a mix of pebbles, sand and crystal clear water. Water shoes are usefull here! We advise you to rent a boat on the spot to visit these beaches. Take a dip or go snorkeling along the way! From Cala Gonone you can sail along the coast through the caves of Bue Marino towards the well-known bay of Cala Luna. Other absolute "must sees" are Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and of course Cala Golorizè! & Nbsp; For the sporty adventurers there are many walking routes to reach these bays. Often these walks through the mountains are quite tough due to a rapid change in height, but if you are a bit sporty, these routes are certainly worth it to get to the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Does this sound like your ideal holiday destination? Then discover which
most beautiful holiday spots in Eastern Sardinia Sardinia4all has listed!

Relax on the most beautiful beaches of South Sardinia

Towards the south of the island of Sardinia you will again find a fantastic mix of beaches. In the southeast, around Costa Rei, the kilometer-long coastline consists of a succession of many wide and snow-white sandy beaches. South of Capo Ferrato is the popular beach Scoglio di Peppino, followed by the beaches Sant'Elmo, Monte e Turno with a kiosk, Cala Sinzias, which is equipped with a nice beach tent, and finally Cala Pira. Further south you will arrive in Villasimius, a pleasant seaside resort with numerous bays and child-friendly sandy beaches . During a week's holiday you can visit a different beach every day! Put beaches like Giunco, Punta Molentis and Spiaggia del Riso & nbsp; on your bucket list! Via the capital Cagliari, with its long city beach Il Poetto, you can continue to Santa Margherita di Pula. This region is also very popular among all beach lovers. Unlike Villasimius, you will find one long and also very child-friendly beach here, consisting of very fine white sand. The color of the sea invites you to take a refreshing dip. Are you looking for a sandy beach to go (kite) surfing? Then head for Su Giudeu beach in Chia. Other favorites are the bay of Tuerredda, which is characterized by fine white sand, and the beach in Porto Pino with its beautiful high dunes. If you decide to cross to the southwest of Sardinia, the coastline changes. Here you will find high cliffs and hidden bays, which have not yet been discovered by mass tourism! Have the above special beaches piqued your interest? Then quickly check out which nice places we offer in South Sardinia !

Beaches West Sardinia

From unique cliffs and beaches far away from the crowd to the busy bounty beach of La Pelosa ... Western Sardinia has something for everyone!

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Western Sardinia

In the west of Sardinia, which is also very popular with surfers, the sea can sometimes be rougher. The routes along this rugged coastline are very special and the beaches are often special. You can undoubtedly confirm this if you follow the coast road from the south towards Masua, Buggeru and Nebida. Here you have a view of the limestone island off the coast, Pan di Zucchero. During a holiday on the west coast, we recommend that you take a look at the wide beach of Piscinas, which is equipped with a nice beach tent. The road to it, past old mining works and the highest dunes in Europe, is already an experience. Close to Arbus you will also find the sandy beach Scivu; a true paradise! Halfway down the west coast, on the Sinis peninsula, near Oristano, is Is Arutas, the famous beach with pink quartz sand . While you're here, take a look at the other beautiful beach in this area: Mari Ermi. The fact that it is relatively quiet on these beaches even during busy summer months is a nice bonus! If you follow the coastal road via Bosa to Alghero, where you enjoy beautiful views along the way, you reach the northwestern province of Sassari. Here the sea is a lot calmer again and you will find numerous child-friendly sandy beaches. In addition to beaches such as Lazzaretto, Maria Pia and Le Bombarde, the city beach Spiaggia del Lido di Alghero is also recommended! Finally, La Pelosa in Stintino is an absolute attraction, located at the most northwestern point of Sardinia. A bounty beach and an azure blue sea await you here. Are you traveling in the busy summer months? Keep in mind that it can be very busy here. In that case, you may be better off renting a boat to explore the magical bays of the small island of Asinara! Do you want to visit the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia in the west of the island? Be amazed by the nicest places we have selected for you in Western Sardinia .

Where can I find the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia?

In short, Sardinia is rich in beautiful beaches  and you can relax here from April and often until the end of November, thanks to the pleasant Mediterranean climate. It is therefore almost impossible to answer the question "Where can I find the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia?" Every region of the island is different, with its own charm and its own special beaches. Would you like advice about the different regions and beaches of Sardinia? Please feel free to contact us for advice by calling +31 (0) 71 3020 171.