Sardinia, a unique experience

Discover the province of Oristano in west Sardinia

In the west of Sardinia is the province of Oristano with the capital of the same name. This region is quite flat and has relatively little tourism, the reason for this special region is dominated by olive cultivation, fishing, agriculture and livestock farming! In this region you will find extensive vineyards with the typical Oristan Vernaccia grapes.The extensive tasting of this delicious wine is a must! Taste this wine here! Discover for example the small authentic town Bosa, but also one of the numerous archaeological remains dating back to before our era are certainly worth a visit. Also visit the Sinis peninsula, of which the entire coastal area is a protected area. Capo San Marco is the northern tip of the Gulf of Oristano and is a wonderful place for a small excursion by bike or hike. Take a refreshing dip from one of the beautiful beaches of San Giovanni di Sinis. At the lake of Santa Giusta you can see pink flamingos and other birds that live here in a paradise of their own! Around the fishing village of Cabras is produced the delicious bottarga (roe), which is used in many Sardinian dishes. In the town of Oristano, an equestrian tournament is still held every year during Carnival: "Sa Sartiglia", masked horsemen galloping on steeds at breath-taking speed aim their swords at a tin star.
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