Sardinia, a unique experience
Ville Le Saline (Foto S4A)

Wow, dream villas!

“What are we looking for today? Dream villas, I shout! Those beautiful but affordable houses with an elegant interior and plenty of privacy. Where you step in and immediately feel completely at home, my colleague adds. We drive up a hill past the bear rock through the pleasant town of Palau. What a view! We look out over a sleek Mediterranean Sea decorated by small sailing boats and in the distance the rolling Maddalena Islands. We could not have dreamed that we would be face to face with beautiful villas in a prime location today ... “

A "buongiorno" from the north

What has Sardinia a lot to offer, we think as soon as we enter the great estate of Le Saline on a sunny day. From the white kiosk the friendly manager Fioravante comes to meet us with a "Buongiorno". Welcome to Resort Le Saline! He will show us around today and we have become extra curious. For us, this truly enchanting environment is already in perfect balance with nature and the azure blue sea.

A sea of ​​colors

During the walk across the spacious park, the charming villas shine among the greenery. The white of the houses, the orange of the charming stacked roof tiles, the green of the grass and the neatly tended borders in combination with the clear blue color of the sea make it a truly colorful spectacle. Everything is fine, down to the smallest detail. We follow the ornate wooden signs on which the names of various islands of the archipelago in front point the way to each dream villa.

Simply elegant

Because the villas are located at all kinds of different height levels, thus guaranteeing a lot of privacy, the paths sometimes lead us steeply from one villa to the other. However, we have not been able to discover many differences in the villas. The four to eight person villas are all equally fully and neatly furnished and equipped with private parking. An additional plus is that the holiday homes, apart from one single, enjoy a wonderful sea view up to the Maddalena Islands. Around a lovely lawn with terrace and attractive seating areas to fully enjoy the outdoors.

Do you see our swimming pool?

While talking we continue our way to a path that leads to the sandy beach and Il Mali Beach Bar. On the way we ask about the presence of a swimming pool. Fioravante laughs, a swimming pool? We have something much nicer! Two seconds later we are in a wonderful relaxation area surrounded by indigenous trees that provide cooling during hot days. Cozy seats, lounge sofas and umbrellas in the green grass and again that beautiful sea view. Do you see our pool ladies? We cannot be completely wrong with such a clear sea. We can see ourselves sitting here with a delicious homemade cocktail. We enjoy the view of the (rental) boats, canoes and kayaks for a while and then say goodbye to Fioravante. We are sure that we have found a beautiful new address and we assume that we will come back here for a wonderful holiday!

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