Sardinia, a unique experience
Sa Stiddiosa (Foto S4A)

Nature walk in Sardinia to the undiscovered Sa Stiddiosa

It is a fact that Sardinia is special. You will not only find beautiful beaches, but also unique and almost secret places in the middle of untouched nature. These natural pearls are generally not mentioned in the various travel guides. You often only discover these unique places when you, for example, settle down on a terrace and have a nice chat with the locals. We are happy to give a very special Sardinian secret!
Weg door de bergen (Foto Shutterstock)

Into the mountains

On a beautiful autumn day in September we decide to drive inland, in search of nature, tranquility and new undiscovered places. From the highway, which connects the north of Sardinia with the south, we turn off towards the rugged Gennargentu mountain range. Soon we find ourselves on winding country roads and we slowly climb up into the mountains. We fully enjoy the green surroundings and the view. The temperature outside is very pleasant, so the air conditioning can be switched off. The number of motorcyclists is striking - riding the deserted roads with hairpin bends through the mountains is certainly fantastic on the bike!
Seulo (Foto S4A)

A mountain village in the Blue Zone

In the distance we see a small town. Who knows, that may become our destination today. Via a road with spectacular mountain peaks on the right and a green valley with old dilapidated bridges on the left we arrive in Seulo , a small mountain village in the blue zone . As in almost every place there is a bar immediately upon entering the village. Such a cafe, which is very simple inside, often has some tables outside that are decorated by red and white checkered tablecloths We park almost in front of the door and get out.
Gedekte tafel (Foto Shutterstock)

Special meetings

While a number of locals drink a cold beer, we first order due panini , an espresso and a bottle of water. We pay less than € 5 and take a seat on the outdoor terrace that borders directly on the road, but offers a nice view. Soon we get talking to the guests at the table next to us, three men from the village, who of course want to know where we come from and what we are doing in Seulo. A fourth man, who has probably also become somewhat curious by now, joins the crowd. It turns out to be a forester. Look, someone like that might point us to this undiscovered spot!
Fiat (Foto S4A)

Where to stay tips

If we want, we can immediately board his red Fiat Panda. ”Vi porto io!” (I'll take you) were his words. Very friendly of him, but we really want to find a place to stay before sunset. Tips? ”Nessun problema” (no problem), in Seulo you can spend the night with the mayor. The major? Mr. Ranger immediately takes his cell phone, makes a phone call and reserves a room for us. There is one hotel in the village and coincidentally the owner is also the mayor. Seems like a great idea!
Hotel Miramonti

Via narrow streets to the hotel

We greet the friendly men from the terrace and get back into the car. We neatly follow the directions on how best to drive. Sometimes it is quite difficult if you drive through those narrow streets in small villages - there is a good chance that you will drive wrong. A few minutes later we arrive at the hotel in Seulo , a simple accommodation on a hill. After checking in, we make a tour of the estate. In the evening we can have a dinner in the restaurant. Fine right?
Hotel Miramonti (Foto S4A)

Unique sunset and good food

The food was good. After various antipasti comes a plate with fresh homemade pasta and then meat as secondo . Do we also want a dolce ? Of course! Soon a delicious Sebadas is on the table, which is topped with a sweet honey sauce. Sebadas, also called Seadas, are large Sardinian fried ravioli filled with a young sheep's cheese. Satisfied we enjoy a spectacular sunset and a last nightcap before we wish everyone a good night. That will certainly succeed here. What a silence...
Hiking Sardinia

Who shows us the way?

The next morning, after breakfast, we return the room key. The lady at the reception asks if we slept well and if we are going to do something today in Seulo. We tell her about the place that would be not far from the hotel and what the forester said to us that is was undiscovered. ”Sì!” says the lady, “è bellissimo!” She starts to tell extensively that she has just been there with her son and how beautiful it was and all soon we find out that the lady in question is the mayor.
Wandelen Sardinie (Foto S4A)

Walk through the green

We follow her advice. With good walking shoes on, plenty of water with us and a sandwich and bikini in our backpack, we leave the hotel. You follow the path down, cross the road and less than five minutes later you are in the middle of the forest. “Straight ahead past the pool” she said, so we'll stick to that. We walk through the green with brisk steps, in search of the unique spot. Not seen anyone on the road - unbelievable!
Sa Stiddiosa (Foto S4A)

Look, there we have to be!

The mayor had told us that we could possibly also drive a large part of it by car. We certainly do not regret choosing the walking route. A wooden sign with bright yellow letters indicates Sa Stiddiosa AM 800 . We are good, there we have to be! We pass the sign and from this point the serious trail begins. We hold on tight to the ropes on the right to descend to this special spot in nature. Some pieces are quite steep, but thanks to the ropes (and with the walking stick that has now been found) it is easy to do.
Sa Stiddiosa (Foto S4A)

Enjoy the silence and the view

After a few hundred meters we finally see what our final destination will be: a natural swimming pool in the middle of the mountains. The view is really beautiful! You don't come across something like this every day. It is very quiet. All you hear is the rustle of lizards under the leaves. The sun is bright and it is now quite warm. Fortunately, we brought enough water. Now first on to our final destination. We will probably still be on the road for half an hour to get down for a refreshing dip in icy water.
Sa Stiddiosa (Foto S4A)

The natural swimming pool of Sa Stiddiosa

Sa Stiddiosa is getting closer. After every turn the view gets better and more beautiful. Meanwhile, the sound of drops falling into the water can be heard more and more. What a spectacle! We climb over a last large boulder and yes, we are on the shore! Large boulders are located around the large natural pool. The wall opposite us is completely covered with a kind of fern. And indeed, the water just drips down like a shower.
Sa Stiddiosa (Foto S4A)

Ice cold clear water

Not taking a dive is impossible. Wow, a very large swimming pool with clear water all to yourself in such an environment. Special! What makes it even more special is that during our dive we hear bells ringing in the distance that come closer and closer. Before we realize it, there is a herd of mountain goats on the shore. The moment we have the cameras in hand and try to get closer, they have already left.
Sa Stiddiosa (Foto S4A)

A pearl of Sardinia

It was a very special day. How happy we are to have arrived here and to have spoken to such friendly people, including the mayor and of course our friend the forest ranger! How beautiful it really is here is almost impossible to describe. We therefore recommend that during your round trip or active holidays in Sardinia visit the natural bath Sa Stiddiosa in Seulo, a gem in nature!
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As a resident of the island, I know what Sardinia has to offer.Do you also want to discover these unique places during your holiday? Tell me about your holiday wishes ; I'll be happy to give you personal advice