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Sleeping in an agriturismo on Sardinia

Throughout Italy you almost stumble across the agriturismi. From Piemonte, Tuscany, Puglia to Sicily, they can be found everywhere - and also in Sardinia. But what exactly is an agriturismo and what makes this holiday in this type of accommodation so popular?
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What is an agriturismo?

Originally agriturismi are small farms where they were only concerned with growing products on their own land. Of course the whole famiglia was active in these farms. Everyone had their own tasks. Work hard early in the morning, have a nice meal and a nap during the warm afternoon hours, and then go back on land at the end of the day. Feeding animals, plowing the land and pressing olive oil while la Mamma picks fruit, makes jam and of course takes care of il mangiare . Groceries were done at the neighbor's; a piece of meat in exchange for bread, cheese, oil or wine. The funny thing is that this is actually still very common in many small villages in Italy. The name agriturismo only came into being around 1985. The name was created by combining two Italian words; agricultura (agriculture) and turismo (tourism).

From simple "aziende" to luxurious farmhouses with swimming pool

When it was realized that it was possible to earn a little more, many farms were transformed into holiday accommodations - after all, there was enough room to expand on the land. Most of the farms in Sardinia offer guest rooms, but there are also some with cozy apartments. Despite this new tourist function, the main activity of the agriturismo remains of course agriculture. There is now a whole range of agriturismi . Over the years, very luxurious holiday farms were created, complete with swimming pool and numerous facilities, such as in a hotel. But there are still quite a few agricultural businesses that only have a few simpler guest rooms. What they generally have in common: you spend the night in the countryside and for a few days you are part of a truly hospitable Sardinian family.
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Proud of the land and the food

Even though the average Italian may argue for hours on end about the bureaucracy, the lost football match yesterday or the politics - Italians, and therefore also the Sardinians, are proud of their country and especially of the food. The latter is therefore the topic of conversation of the day. As the Northern Europeans eat to live, the Italians live for the food. In the nice typical agriturismi they are happy to spoil the guests with all those delicious home-made products. Viva l'Italia, viva la Sardegna!
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A car is indispensable

Are you considering spending the night on an authentic Sardinian estate? Realize that a car is indispensable. Often agriturismi are somewhat remote, you cannot easily walk to a village or beach and you have to travel the last kilometer via a dirt road to reach the accommodation. But it is of course very nice to relax on the farm and then go out with your (rental) car to discover the beautiful surroundings.

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