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Sardinia with the dog - Dog-friendly accommodations and dog beaches in Sardinia

During a holiday by the sea in Sardinia, man's best friend cannot be missed. In Sardinia, four-legged companions are allowed on the beach on official dog beaches from April to the end of October and are often tolerated on other beaches in the low season. It is best to retreat to the less frequented beach areas, which means less stress for the dog and owner. A belt and poop bag with you is a must everywhere! By the way: all year round from 8 pm, in September from 7 pm and from October from 6 pm to 8 am, there are no restrictions for four-legged friends on the coast of Sardinia. In the middle of summer it is anyway way too hot for many dogs by the sea. The best travel time for holidays in Sardinia with a dog is the low season: April and May, as well as September and October to November there are pleasant temperatures. You can then hike and splash in the sea - that's how dogs and their owners really enjoy the island. The winter months are also ideal for beach walks and trekking!

Here we have put together the best dog beaches on the island

Whether it is a free dog beach, bathing beach (Lido) for dog and owner or stone coast: the leash should always be with you, because not all bathers are happy with four-legged friends on the towel. In addition, you should always provide sufficient shade and fresh water for your four-legged friend! Dog poo should always be cleaned up.

Baia delle Mimose - Badesi

Baia delle Mimose is a natural dune paradise between a href ="">Badesi,Valledoria and the estuary of the river Coghinas. Dogs and owners can lie free here or borrow parasols and deck chairs during the holiday season for a small fee. A freshwater shower for two and four-legged friends makes the service offering perfect.

Lu Postu on the Gulf of Arzachena

Lu Postu beach is located on the Gulf of Arzachena. The bay is not one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, for which the Costa Smeralda is known, but even in high season dogs and owners can sunbathe undisturbed here. The bay borders the clear delta of the Riu di San Giovanni.

Dogbeach Le Saline (Olbia)

The white beach, which borders the old salt marshes of Olbia, is a popular dog beach for holidaymakers and residents. Parking is only a few meters from the sea and four-legged friends are also welcome at the beach bar.

Oasi di Bidderosa

North of Orosei is the breathtakingly beautiful protected area of ​​Parco Oasi di Bidderosa with five beautiful bays all year round freely accessible for four-legged friends. However, access to the nature park is limited. When all seats are gone, there are no access restrictions for two- to four-legged pedestrians and cyclists.
Cala Viola
Cala Viola
Cala Viola
Cala Viola
Cala Viola

Residence Cala Viola, Cala Liberotto (Orosei)

Budoni - Fido Beach

One of the most beautiful dog and owner paradises on the island is the dog beach at Budoni . Painted from a distance as "Fido Beach". Crystal clear water, snow white sand, what more could you want? The black beach, which is reserved for dogs, is not large, but it is located on a stretch of coast where hardly anyone is, especially in high season! The driveway is a bit thrilling, though.

Bari Sardo Bau Beach

The east coast of Sardinia between Santa Maria Navarrese and Tertenia is a perfect dog region! On the coast of Ogliastra you have a lot of space with your four-legged friends and the beaches are endless and rarely crowded. In Bari Sardo there is a designated "Bau Beach" for four-legged holiday guests.

Maimoni Dog beach

Thistles, sea mustard, barbed umbels, beach felt flowers and beach lilies grow on the wide, flat dunes. To protect the beach vegetation, you only enter the beach via the wooden ramps! Mai Moni beach is not an insider tip on the Sinis peninsula from Oristano , especially in summer it is a lot less crowded here than on the well-known neighboring beaches Is Arutas and Mari Ermi.
Hotel Le Dune - Piscinas di Ingurtosu

Dune di Piscinas

The dunes of Piscinas are infinitely far and wide, so that holidaymakers of all stripes can spend their vacation here. Of course there is also plenty of space for four-legged friends! However, it can get unbearably hot in the desert paradise in midsummer.

Fontanamare (Iglesias - Gonnesa)

On the endlessly long sandy beach of Fontanamare, the house beach of Iglesias, there is a small sandy bay at the north end, which is exclusive year after year reserved for swimmers with four-legged companions. In the summer, a dog trainer from the community also ensures that argumentative fur noses don't get in each other's way.

Poetto (Cagliari)

City vacation on the beach? You can actually do that in Sardinia! In addition, the Sardinian island metropolis Cagliari has a large stretch of beach where four and two-legged friends romp around all year round. Pleasant ambience, dog-friendly beach bar, fresh water shower at the beach access.

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