Sardinia, a unique experience
Giara di Gesturi


Gesturi is a small, authentic village near Barumini located at the foot of the plateau Giara di Gesturi in central Sardinia.
This high land of approximately 43 square kilometres at an altitude of ca. 500 metres is made of volcanic basalt rocks overgrown with cork oaks, oaks, eucalyptus and Mediterranean vegetation. In spring the characteristic “paùli” are formed, small sinkings which fill up with rainwater, forming an impressive number of beautiful ponds covered in common water-crowfoot, functioning as a water supply for the many animals in the area. Besides an extraordinary bird population (with, among others, falcons, woodpeckers, thrushes and woodchat shrikes) the area houses wild boars, foxes, pine marten and rabbits. However, the high land is renowned for the Cavallini della Giara, small wild horses of approximately 120 centimetres, presumably brought here in the past from the Orient.