Sardinia, a unique experience

San Giovanni di Posada

San Giovanni di Posada is a small seaside resort with a beautiful, shady pine forest. Also a lovely long beach with a few sleepy beach bars and a few restaurants, a small supermarket and in the summer a flea market. The name of the small town owes its name to the small medieval chapel of San Giovanni Battista, which is located above picturesque sea in a cove. From San Giovanni di Posada is also a short distance from the lively port town of La Caletta, the seaside resort of Siniscola. Not too big, not too small and not crowded or mundane. Anyone staying here will enjoy the sea, cozy dinners in restaurants and relax. In the area you can walk, biking on the Monte Albo massif or water sports, for example on the beach at Mar e' Flumene where one of the largest kite sports paradise is located. From the port of La Caletta depart daily tour boats toward the beaches of Golfo di Orosei and you can also hire a dinghy.

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