Sardinia, a unique experience

Narbalia and Is Arenas

The natural sandy beach of Is Arenas on the west coast is eight kilometers long and over two kilometers wide. The large sandy landscape with once more than 50 meters high dunes was planted with pines and deciduous trees, but also with tamarisk and marsh grass in the 1950s. A natural paradise with walking paths and mountain bike trails and an endless beach paradise was created through reforestation.
In the nearby Torre del Pozzo and the resort of S'Archittu, the coast is truly spectacular: white, porous limestone is washed away by the sea water and has formed small islands. In S'Archittu, a rock arch extends into the sea. The Sinis Peninsula with its wonderful beaches, the endlessly large lagoon lakes, populated by millions of water birds and pink flamongos, is only a few kilometers away.

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