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Cantiere Berchida - From the lonely lighthouse to the dream beach

To the south of the abandoned Capo Comino lighthouse, it gets lonely on the completely undeveloped coast south of Siniscola. Small bays with sand and pebbles, jagged rock formations, dense bushes, pieces of granite and rocks dug into the landscape and a few entrances to the coast - a lonely natural paradise! Here it is best to hike in the spring or autumn - then it is really quiet, because in high season numerous families with children populate the sandy beaches, rocks and pebble beaches.

From the lighthouse along the coast

The goal of our tour is a real dream beach: the little-known northern part of the Spiaggia di Berchida, which is one of the most beautiful sand and sea paradises in the region. This tour is suitable for a leisurely coastal walk as well as for family-friendly cycling with an all-terrain two-wheeler or mountain bike. You can park on the large turning plate in front of the Capo Comino lighthouse or on the edge of the field and forest path that leads south here. Orientation-loving hikers can follow their way along the coast through the narrow trails where almost unknown pebble beaches seduce you to sunbathe lonely.

In partial shade through the pine forest

You walk on a dirt road along the coast. Then you will go to the right and make turn that goes uphill. You keep following the road that goes downhill to the left, you walk past an old stable and then it goes to the right again. There is a gate that provides access to the landscape subject to forestry. The coastal vegetation, which has been largely preserved here, is characterized by gorse trees, junipers, mastic trees, rock roses and tree heather. If you look a little inland, the vegetation looks very different. Due to deforestation, forest fires and grassland management, erosion took place and the maquis forest was largely no longer as it was. That is why it was decided in the 1980s to afforest this area. In record time, 1,666 trees per hectare, especially fast-growing conifers , were planted on the sandy granite soil of the landscape called "Cantiere Berchida".

Plenty of choice: which beach is the most beautiful?

The forest path leads us through endless rows of pine trees, partly in the shade, partly in the sun, to Berchida. Frequently considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the Spiaggia di Berchida is only visited in the southern part, as it has access from the Orientale Sarda SS125 road and a large car park place. However, we come from the north, where there are several bays where you will only encounter a few swimmers. Gray-white sand, crystal clear water, glistening chunks of red granite and here and there a shady juniper bush: the bays of Berchida are a dream! Now it is time to take off your walking shoes and choose a favorite place to recover from the hike and enjoy the sea view.

... at some point you have to go back

We return to the already known forest path that brings us back to the starting point. The route is very suitable to do with children. The total duration of this hike is about 3 hours. Take water and snacks with you, there are several shady picnic spots along the way.

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