Sardinia, a unique experience

Nature, Nuraghe and old mines

A stunning example of the beautiful natural reserves in this region is found near Gesturi. The high land Giara di Gesturi is made of volcanic basalt rocks overgrown with cork oaks, oaks, eucalyptus and Mediterranean vegetation. In spring the characteristic “paùli” are formed, small sinkings that fill up with rainwater, forming an impressive number of beautiful ponds covered in common water-crowfoot, functioning as a water supply for the many animals in the area. The plateau is renowned for the Cavallini della Giara, small wild horses. Su Nuraxi di Barumini, a nuraghe complex at the foot of the Giara di Gesturi, dating back 3500 years, is declared the most important nuragic monument in Sardinia by UNESCO. Via the deserted mining village Ingurtosu and high sand dunes you’ll arrive at the often somewhat wild sea of Piscinas, part of the western coastal area of Arbus, a village which is renowned for its handmade Sardinian knives used by shepherds. You can also visit the Museo del Coltello Sardo.
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