Sardinia, a unique experience
Tavolara - Capo Coda Cavallo (Foto S4A)

Capo Coda Cavallo

Capo Coda Cavallo is a peninsula south of Olbia and near San Teodoro, in the northeast of Sardinia. Here you are rarely alone in the high season, because the wonderful sandy beaches of the peninsula are too beautiful. That is why we recommend renting a beautiful villa with pool, which is particularly comfortable and well equipped. In the shallow salt lake of Salina Bamba you can watch flamingos all year round, in the beautiful sandy bay Spiaggia della Farfalla you can rent sun loungers and inflatable boats and swim in any direction of the wind on the easternmost tip of the peninsula, the Punta Est - there is always a sheltered spot here. The water at the bay of Cala Brandinchi is so wonderfully shallow that even the Caribbean turns green with envy at this magnificent sight. The long bay of L'Impustu is also beautiful, but not infrequently plagued by wind. The area around Capo Coda Cavallo is therefore a perfect beach destination by the sea and you can also snorkel here. If you like going out and strolling around, we recommend a trip to San Teodoro.