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Trekking tour to the waterfall of Piscina Irgas near Villacidro

The Sardinian mountain scenery and water world can be experienced in the beautiful Monte Linas mountain range near Villacidro. In the deep valley of Orrida cool springs flow from all the gorges and crevices. It is most beautiful here in winter and spring when the Riu d'Orrida becomes a raging mountain stream, creating countless small, shallow natural pools and water points. Golden eagles, wild boars and the rare Sardinian deer feel at home in this area - with the exception of a few day trippers on the weekend, the foxes and rabbits will say good night here.

From Villacidro to the mountains of Monte Linas

The trip is spectacular and unusual in Medio Campidano in southern Sardinia. At the entrance of Villacidro, a wooden sign will lead you towards Montimannu, past several farms and around the Lago di Lerni reservoir. Continuously follow the signs to Montimannu, the road becomes a dirt road with sometimes large potholes. Beyond the Serci forest building, the road narrows and an unsecured concrete bridge spans the Lerni River. The Magusu tree nursery has plenty of shady parking spaces in the eucalyptus forest.

Doable in the beginning, until you go up steeply ...

We follow the gravel path from the parking lot in the direction of Cantina Ferrari, but leave the path to the farm buildings on the right. Slightly hidden by the river are the remains of an old bridge, which is no longer usable today. It marks the end of the canyon path through the Orrida Canyon. We keep following the road that runs close to the river. You can only continue on foot behind the old water reservoir. The path runs closely between the mountain stream and a smooth granite wall, which is secured by a pair of secured stones. Then the landscape changes: a dense forest of thin holm oaks bored through rocks, together with pebbles and small walls overgrown with moss, form a magical, shady fairytale forest.

Over the river and up

On a side branch, where a road on the right leads to the Mura Mannu waterfall, we follow the path on the left to the river (marking 113) over the Riu Cannisoni river via a bridge with steel grating. A few hundred meters along the mountain stream, you continue the route with sharp curves and beautiful views over the valley, getting steeper. Several shady picnic areas invite you to take a break during the arduous climb along the way. At the top in front of us is the vast valley of Piscina Argas and the small Orrida waterfall that plunges to a depth of more than 45 meters.

Stone slabs and natural pools

A narrow path leads down the steep slope to the valley. Caution is advised on the granite stone slabs as they can be very slippery in places. In the rear part of the gorge, the waterfall plunges into the depth and the small natural pools invite you to refresh.

.... back on the same road

The outward and return journeys of the route are the same. Piscina Irgas is the easier route of the two paths to the waterfalls "Cascata di Murru Mannu" in the Lerni Valley. Where the path bends halfway, it is not always easy and at high water levels even quite dangerous due to the sometimes high water levels. This walk can be done in good condition, even with older children with walking experience. The expected walking time per route is approximately two hours.


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Hiking in South Sardinia: To the waterfall of Piscina Irgas near Villacidro