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The mountain of the Costa Verde is Monte Arcuentu, whose enormous basalt point is visible from the coast but also from the Campidano plain in the interior. The entire eight kilometer mountain range separates the fertile interior from the sea and the steep pilgrim mountain of Monte Arcuentu dominates the exciting landscape in the southwest of the island .
The origin is intensive prehistoric volcanic activity and the mini mountains consist of different types of lava that have accumulated and stacked here. The best way to see the whole natural spectacle from above is to notice the otherwise jagged geological shapes and natural lava stone walls. However, to get to the top of this Sardinian rock, it is quite a steep climb!

Easy start, but it continues rocky ...

You can not miss the start of this hike, a big sign ARBUS Loc. ARCUENTU on the road from Montevecchio towards Arbus clearly indicates the parking lot.
The short, steep hike through Monte Arcuentu is well known and popular to - but only to a limited extent with farmers who own this route.

....we are not alone

Right next to the entrance from a stable is a gate that indicates the entrance. If you bump into a resident, just greet with kind regards as the first part of the road is over their sheep pasture. This pasture was regularly affected by disrespectful visitors. As everywhere, the following rule applies: if you open a gate, you also close it properly.

... and that was just the beginning!

The stony dirt road initially goes uphill in a less strenuous way. The huge basalt plateau lies before us like a table mountain and clearly marks the destination of this hike. At the only intersection, the route continues over a sheep meadow (about 200 meters) and then along a wall of rocks, the road turns into a stony unpaved path going uphill. If you turn right on the steep path it then goes straight up to Monte Arcuentu (be careful on the steep path especially on your way back, this rocky slope can be a little bit dangerous). Two pillars and wooden signs mark the way uphill.

... mostly steep uphill

In a rocky crevice, which is hardly recognizable at the beginning, a zigzag path goes up the mountain via a few narrow climbing points. Copper plates with motifs of the pilgrims route indicate that this steep path is also used as a pilgrimage path. This hike is also suitable to do with your dog, but only if you can lift your dog in steep places sometimes and carry it back downhill when descending.

Uphill through a crevice

The path leads uphill through a narrow mountain crevice with a few climbing points without significant stopping points. This is also the trickiest part of the hike, so this tour is only recommended for older children. Once you have passed the short but strenuous climbing point, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the coastline of the Costa Verde.

We are almost there!

The way up is inevitable. Always along the cliff and under shady holm oaks, the path leads to the broad peak of the basalt plateau: the wooded Monte Arcuentu, which was once a mountain fortress. There are only two cisterns left from the medieval fortress; the walls today are the remains of a chapel of the Capuchin monk Fra Lorenzo da Sardara, who meditated here for more than thirty years for several weeks. Today, some signs with believers and followers testify to the lonely retreat of the hermit who died in 2016.

A lovely view!

Hike just a few more meters through the forest, then the cross awaits us at the top of Monte Arcuentu - with fantastic views all around. The panorama extends over the jagged foothills of Monte Arcuentu, the Gulf of Oristano and the entire Costa Verde to the headland of Capo Pecora. Awesome!

Steep way back

The way back leads via the same path. Downhill goes a little faster, pay attention to slippery spots in the mountain crevice, but especially to the stones on the path!

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Monte Arcuentu - The local mountain of the Costa Verde