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Riu Alinu - Beautiful waterfall in the jungle of Is Cannoneris

This waterfall - hidden in the mountains of Pula - is located in a narrow gorge in the endless mountain landscape of Is Cannoneris in the south of the island of Sardinia. The waterfall itself is not very well known. Probably because you have to give something to achieve this natural spectacle! From the starting point, the walking route is fairly easy to the waterfall. Only on the last part you have to be careful not to miss the "turn". The duration of this walking tour is approximately 3 hours and 3 hours back via the same route.

The starting point of this walking tour is in the middle of nowhere, at the Dispensa Porcileddu. However, to get there you first have to follow a bumpy forest path. If you have booked a rental car through Sardinia4all, please keep driving because all our rental cars include soil protection! The path is also reasonably easy to ride, only if the mountain stream contains a lot of water, adventurous obstacles can form.
The route continues on the SS 195, Capoterra-Pula (exit Sarroch agg. Industr. Di Sarroch) in the direction of Pedemontana street. After 2 kilometers you turn right and you pass a number of industrial areas with associated buildings. These buildings are owned by a company that would actually build a drinking water reservoir in the Monte Nieddu valley, but this project has been on hold for years due to financial reasons. You keep following the road, pass the first (usually closed) exit on the left and take the second exit which goes steeply downhill and continue the route along the river for 7 kilometers.

Adventure journey through a water reservoir under construction

A sign in the parking lot clearly indicates the starting point of the hiking route to the Riu Alinu waterfall. (red-white-red marking 201 towards S'Arcu S'Arrideli, Is Canargius, Is Cannoneris).

... first steeply up the mountain

Straight through the forest, first steeply up with several hairpin bends, and then through a narrow path with a beautiful view over the valley. After a shady and rocky part you reach the pass S'Arcu S'Arridili at 428 meters above sea level. The route takes you further on a good road but without signs, downhill.

... and then an easy but long path downhill

You can hardly miss the route further and it leads past a pond filled with extinguishing water. From here you have an incredibly beautiful view of the large granite rocks, various streams and a beautiful flora. After about 6 kilometers a man made of stone will show you the way. If you do not have a good sense of direction, we advise you to view the exact GPS coordinates 39.068408, 8.862829 on your mobile . Shortly before a bend the route goes downhill, after a few hundred meters through the scrub (sometimes marked with stone men) and finally down the slope steeply. The entrance is about a hundred meters from the round hut.

... into the Wild

This last adventurous run is largely off the beaten path. Only the sound of the waterfall indicates which direction to walk, through a dense jungle of trees, bushes and thorny wild blackberries.

After this last, somewhat adventurous piece, you reach the well-deserved goal; and the beautiful little crystal clear and freezing cold natural pool that the Riu Alinu waterfall dug into the granite here. As if nature arranged it on purpose. Framed by a mini beach and with two colorful oleander bushes, this place deserves a stopover. A wonderful paradise in the middle of the jungle, in the mountains of Is Cannoneris, far from the sea and still relatively unknown! Without a doubt a special part of Sardinia. Enjoy the coolness, the total peace and quiet for a while before you start the 3-hour journey back via the same walking route.

... also (almost) perfect for mountain bikers!

The route to Riu Alinu can also be reached by mountain bike. The road leads from the parking lot to the S'Arcu S'Arridili Pass and then continues as described. A total of 12 kilometers per route, only the last descent of the trail to the waterfall cannot be done by bike. So make sure you bring a good chain lock to secure the mountain bike to a tree.

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Riu Alinu - Waterfall in the jungle of Is Cannoneris