Sardinia, a unique experience


At the most northwestern point of Sardinia, the old fishing village of Stintino lies between two bays on a promontory in the Gulf of Asinara. The romantic natural harbor, the fishermen's houses, boats and fish restaurants give a pretty picture - but Stintino is best known for one thing: the beautiful beach of La Pelosa - is the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean!
The dream beach attracts with fine sandy beaches, broken by slate rocks and macchia bushes. They are protected from wind and waves by the offshore island and the small, flat Isola Piana and therefore ideal not only for a beach holiday with children. Because of its breathtaking water colors, this dream beach was often used as a backdrop for advertising. Even out of season there is always a lot of crowd - but the beach is so beautiful you just have to see it! It is not without reason that it is one of the main sights of the island. In high season, this natural paradise is limited to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the water and beach landscape.
The Stintino peninsula was largely uninhabited until 150 years ago. Today's very popular resort was established for the fishermen and farmers on Asinara Island. The 45 families had to leave the island paradise when it was transformed into a prison island in 1885. In 1997 the last convict was removed and since 1999 visitors have been able to visit the newly established national park with tour boats from Stintino or visit Porto Torres .
It is only a short walk from the holiday resorts at La Pelosa to the end of the peninsula, the Capo del Falcone. The slate cliffs, plunging steeply into the sea, offer an impressive spectacle of waves and foamy mist on Sardinia's northwestern tip when the sea is rough.
Hardly any travel guide mentions another beach paradise on the Stintino peninsula: Spiaggia Le Saline, located south of the former Stintino tuna factories. The beach with its azure blue water consists of fine pebbles instead of sand and is therefore a great beach destination even when there is a lot of wind.