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Costa Rei - Sardinia's royal beach paradise

Behind lonely mountains and dense cork and holm oak forests, an almost eight kilometers long golden yellow to white shimmering sandy beach stretches between the granite cliffs of Scoglio di Peppino to the peninsula Capo Ferrato. In between you will find round cut rocks, low dunes with beach lilies and mastic bushes, lagoons and holiday cottages. In this region on the southeast coast of Sardinia, where it is very quiet in the months outside the high season, you can swim in the sea from Easter to the end of October thanks to the pleasant Mediterranean climate. The child-friendly sandy beach, with many shallow parts, makes the Costa Rei a family vacation paradise. This landscape is also called the Royal Coast - find out why!

Scoglio di Peppino

The flat granite rock Scoglio di Peppino rises no less than 25 meters from the sea and the old fisherman Peppino, who regularly casts his fishing rod here, gave the cliff its name. Children especially enjoy themselves here: the large diving rock also protects the beach and the small bay, which is particularly child-friendly. This beautiful stretch of beach is framed by a dense macchia mediterranea and gnarled juniper trees. The Scoglio di Peppino marks the southern end of the Costa Rei, behind which Santa Giusta begins with its small rocky coves, which is part of the municipality of Castiadas.

Sa Murta

Scoglio di Peppino is followed by the Sa Murta district, the largest holiday center on the Costa Rei, at a good distance. Restaurants and bars, small supermarkets are within walking distance of the holiday homes. If you want to go on a beach holiday without your own car, this is the place for you. On mild summer evenings, you can enjoy yourself between Via Ichnusa and Via Colombo at a small fair, several piazzettes and a night market Dolce Vita.

Monte Nai & Turagri

It is a bit quieter in the middle part of the Costa Rei. The districts of Monte Nai and Turagri are characterized by countless 1-storey holiday homes and gardens. The Costa Rei was one of the first holiday resorts in Sardinia. Planning for this began in the early 1960s, at the same time as the Aga Khan launched the famous Costa Smeralda. The adventurers who visited the Costa Rei in the 1960s came from Belgium. At that time, the Costa Rei was still difficult to reach and - unlike the investment funds which with large sums of money and detailed building plans - built the Costa Smeralda from the bottom, investment in Costa Rei could only be done step by step. This led to planning-free construction of holiday homes and houses, but in recent years new and stricter conditions have been introduced to regulate the construction of more holiday homes and the development of local infrastructure. And the beach here is just as beautiful as in the rest of Costa Rei - from golden yellow to pure white and the sea is crystal clear.

Rey Playa & Rei Marina

In the holiday complex Rei Marina, also called Rey Playa, a small market takes place every week during the season and in the small square of Rei Marina there are several cafes and a supermarket. The Costa Rei must have once been well populated, at least the prehistoric legacies suggest to this, which are hidden in the macchia landscape. Less than 200 meters from the beach, numerous menhirs suggest that astronomical measurements were taken here in ancient times.

Piscina Rei

Piscina Rei is the name of the northern part of the long white belt of Costa Rei. Even in high season it is quiet here. Fine sand, beautiful colors and pure relaxation! The disadvantage of Piscina Rei for families: the sea here, in contrast to the southern part of the beach, quickly gets deep.
Incidentally, Piscina Rei gave the coast its name when the beach section was developed in the 1960s. At first this part of the coast had only one name on the military maps used at the time; Piscina Rei because of the small lagoon lake that forms after the rain in winter, behind the beach. The name Costa Rei was already "born". The English translation “Royal Coast”, on the other hand, is purely a marketing term, there is no trace of a crowned head here.

Porto Pirastu und Capo Ferrato

The beach of Porto Pirastu is located south of Capo Ferrato and has less fine sand compared to the south of the Costa Rei and is also visited by only a small number of bathers in the high season. In the small pine forest with picnic benches you can relax in the shade of the large conifers. Snorkelers will find an exciting underwater world between the rocks, along the reefs and boulders. Also worthwhile is this short but steep hike to the local mountain of Costa Rei, the huge, extinct volcanic rock of Monte Ferru.

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