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Cala Luna

The coastal walk to Cala Luna is without a doubt the most famous walking route on the Gulf of Orosei. No wonder as this walk leads not only through several spectacular gorges and valleys, but also along a charming coastal landscape and through shady juniper forests. At the end of the walk, one of the most beautiful bays in Sardinia awaits you! Cala Luna offers a beautiful beach, fantastic water colors and a breathtaking cliff that can also be found on many postcards.

The start of the route in Cala Fuile

A paved cul-de-sac leads directly to the bay of Cala Fuili. Please note; there are not many parking places. If you can't find a spot, park along the road. Please note any parking prohibition signs! A narrow path - secured with wooden railings - leads you to the rough pebble beach; Fuili Bay. If you want to take a dip during the walk, take this opportunity right away. You will not encounter any other beaches on the walking route to Cala Luna. The route to Cala Luna does not lead over the beach, but along the other side of the gorge. The most strenuous part of the hike is here - up a narrow path up the mountain. Once at the top, you will be rewarded by a great view over the evergreen shrub landscape, the azure blue sea of ​​the bay of Orosei and Cala Gonone . You continue on reasonably well-marked trails through a forest of ancient juniper berries. Some old cypress trees form impressive arches on the footpath. Magnificent!
Bue Marino grotten in Cala Gonone

A variant via the Bue Marino cave

At the fork you go to the Bue Marino. The path takes you down 35 minutes to the entrance of the monk seal cave which is only accessible by this path or by boat. A climbing section leads you almost to sea level and there is a slightly wobbly staircase along the rock to the cave. The climb back to the main trail is quite exhausting and technically demanding.

The walk through the main road

If you want to follow the standard walking route, you have to keep right at the intersection. After a great view over the coast and the southern foothills of Cala Luna in the distance, a well-known shepherd's path leads slightly inland. Rich Mediterranean vegetation makes its way through the sharp-edged limestone. Since it can be very slippery in humid weather, sturdy walking shoes are essential for this tour.

... one last valley

Finally the path leads down to the Oddoana Gorge where you can glimpse the Oddoana Cave. This natural hiding place used to be used as a shepherd's hut. After the cave there is a steep, somewhat slippery descent over stones, with only a few shrubs and trees offering you some support. After this one last climb. In the next part, called Fruncu Nieddu, you have a breathtaking view of the final destination of this hike; The bay of Cala Luna. The name of this pebble bay - crescent moon - is clearly visible. After a steep descent, it is about another 20 minutes' walk to the Codula di Luna valley. Just a matter of squeezing yourself through tall oleander bushes before reaching the wide sandy beach.
cala_luna_-_schitterende baai aan de oostkust van sardinie.png

This bay is breathtaking!

The beautiful and popular beach is one of the picture-postcard locations in Sardinia. The real highlight of Cala Luna, however, are the sheer cliffs in the northern part of the bay, smoothed by wind and weather and plunging harmoniously into the ivory-white silica sand and turquoise-blue sea. In these cliffs, Mother Nature dug six impressive caves almost thirty meters deep into the rock.

... one day you have to go back

The walking route back is the same. If you prefer to return by boat, you can use a shuttle service back to Cala Gonone a>.

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Walking route from Cala Gonone to the bay of Cala Luna