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Sardinian pasta is an art! No more simple spaghetti, boring penne, or plain shell noodles from the supermarket shelf - with this cooking class in the north of Sardinia, you'll learn to make your own pasta! Did you know that almost every village has its own pasta recipe?
This cooking workshop is a fantastic experience in a small and typical village in Gallura, very close to Olbia, which takes you back in time. Along a path that weaves around the cornerstones of Sardinian life, you'll discover the secrets of the Sardinians' longevity: their lifestyle, wine, and food. You'll learn to prepare the island's ancient pasta using traditional artisanal tools. And of course, you'll enjoy a delicious tasting of centenarians' dishes accompanied by fine wine.
All this in a magical and ancient setting where time seems to have stood still. But one question remains: could one of the secrets to Sardinian longevity be making your own carbohydrates? Because producing Sardinian pasta takes not only time but also a lot of muscle power in the kneading!

The program in detail:
• Breakfast or welcome drink
• Cooking class: Start of the "journey" by learning more about the Sardinian lifestyle and household chores. Water and semolina are mixed to shape the traditional pasta amidst stories of old anecdotes and revealed secrets.
• Wine experience: Discover the wine of the "eternal youth." You move to the village to learn about Sardinian wine and its preparation according to ancient methods in the small wine cellar: you smell the aromas, taste the flavors, and admire the colors.
• Visit to the museum: Exhibition of Sardinian gastronomic traditions including a viewing of the tools. Immerse yourself in the past and the life of the ancient Sardinians.
• Lunch or dinner: A multi-course meal. Taste dishes from the Sardinian tradition of the Gallura region, from appetizers and pasta dishes to desserts, with a selection of homemade bread and wine from the winery. Finally, you can enjoy a selection of typical regional digestives.
Cooking class
Fresh pasta
3.5 hours
Incl. museum visit

Cooking Class

23-05-2024 - 30-09-2024
135,- per booking
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Rates are per person per excursion
Duration: 3.5 h

Pasta cooking class near Olbia
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