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Bread museum in Orogosolo & Workshop Pane Carasau baking bread

Pane Carasau is a typical bread from Sardinia. It is also called "carta di musica" or, as in Orgoloso, "Su Pane Tostu". The bread is wafer-thin and crunchy. Do you want to learn more about this bread type and see how you can make the bread yourself. Then this workshop “Baking bread in Orgoloso” is a great option for you!

Carasau, Pecorino and Cannonau
A special experience dedicated to food and tradition in the Carasau bread museum in Orgosolo, in the heart of Sardinia. The bread museum is also located in the center of Orgosolo, an authentic town well known for its numerous murales. The museum preserves old tools used for the production of the typical bread; "Su Pane Tostu" (Pane Carasau) and "s'ispianada" (La Spianata). During this experience you literally put your “hands in the dough” to discover the various phases, techniques and secrets of bread preparation. The workshop will be concluded with a tasting of the typical bread from Sardinia accompanied by a nice piece of Pecorino cheese and a glass of local Cannonau wine.

Good to know:
• Minimum number of participants: 4
• Minimum number of participants: 20
• Minimum age: 8 years
• Spoken languages: Italian, English
• Start: 10:00 | 2:00 PM | 5:00 PM
• Duration: 3 h.
• Suitable for: Everyone from 8 years old
• Included in the excursion: visit to the bread museum, laboratory, tasting
Food & Tradition
Bread Museum
Jan. to Dec.

Workshop Pane Carasau

14-06-2024 - 20-12-2024
80,- per person per arrangement
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Rates are per person per excursion
Start: 10:00 | 2:00 PM | 5:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours
Baking Pane Carasau bread in Orgosolo
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