Sardinia, a unique experience


It is still a hidden gem for most tourists; the pure west coast of Sardinia.

The small Sardinian village of Tresnuraghes is located in the northwest of the island. The village has a small village center with historic churches, squares, a few village bars, a restaurant and a few local shops.
From the village you can easily reach the beaches of Porto Alabe by car, the ocher-coloured, coarse-grained, wide sandy beach framed by overgrown sand dunes.
For those who want a little more adventure, Torre Foghe, Cala Columbargia or one of the other secluded coves are well worth a visit!

The area is characterized by a wide variety of overwhelming nature. Whichever direction you shall choose, the sea, inland, north or south, it is unforgettably impressive and of enchanting beauty.
But not only nature is beautiful. The villages each have their own character. Like for example Tinnura, this village; 'un paese dell'arte', is marked by the authentic Sardinian wall paintings.
The most photographed town in Sardinia is Bosa. An old and picturesque fishing village on the river Temo. This river, the atmospheric narrow streets, the pastel-colored houses, the robust castle on the hill and the tangible history give Bosa a unique and atmospheric character.
A typical Italian atmosphere with narrow streets, stairs and balconies, artists and chatting Sardinians between the colorful houses. It is a cozy maze and it takes you to the most photogenic places. Bosa offers a wide choice of shops, restaurants and bars along the river or on one of the many squares.

Another highlight is the panoramic coastal route from Tresnuraghes to Alghero.
About 50 kilometers that winds between the sea and the mountain makes this road one of the most beautiful coastal routes in Italy, where it really seems like you are in paradise. Do not rush and enjoy every corner, every turn and every stop, every moment along this route that is one of the natural wonders of Italy.
Alghero is also well worth a visit, this town is a piece of Catalonia on Sardinian soil and is also called 'little Barcelona'. Take a relaxed stroll in the old town, have lunch along the water and end, sitting on the wide city wall, enjoying the breathtaking sunset.
Discover the beautiful interior of Sardinia and drive back to Tresnuraghes via a road through the mountains of Alghero. Along the way it is not rare that you have to stop for a herd of cows or sheep. Different landscapes and serenity makes this a scenic drive that shows that Sardinia has more to offer than just a beautiful coast.
Towards the south, the island offers a very different landscape; more plateaus and numerous olive trees, many more than a thousand years old. The inlands around Cuglieri and Scano di Monteferru are also impressive. You sometimes imagine yourself in prehistoric times in this mountainous and rough landscape. The villages are well worth a visit, beautiful narrow streets. Vist one of the terraces of one of the many authentic bars and take a look to the Sardinians.
You will also find Nuraghes in this region, such as the archaeological site of Tamuli, which is located on a plateau near Macomer in an area with a high density of Bronze Age nuraghi. The site itself consists of a nuraghe, the remains of a settlement, the remains of three Tombe di Giganti and, very special, six menhirs.