Sardinia, a unique experience

Sardinia4all on a trip to Sardinia - Part 1

We, the Sardinia4all travel experts, annually go to Sardinia with our team. The target? Show our face at properties we partner with, review our clients' comments with the property, and discuss whether our findings are still valid. Of course we will also look around new accommodations with which we are entering into a new partnership and we want to gain inspiration ourselves, so that we can do what we promise our customers again in the coming year: a tailor-made unique trip. In the coming blogs we will show you what we do and experience during such a working week.

On our way!

For us, October is the perfect time for our annual working visit. The hustle and bustle of the high season is over and the accommodations have time to show us around at the end of the season. We prepare the program in advance. Where do we want to go anyway, who do we want to see and what did we not do during the previous working visit…? After booking the flights to Sardinia , all-inclusive rental cars and of course carefully map out our route, we therefore unloaded the trolleys from the car in early October and the Dutch delegation entered Schiphol with the boarding pass in hand and a big smile on their face. After a toast to the coming week (“Cin cin! Salute!”) It was time to board. Sardinia, here we come!

Good start!

Sleeping in a beautiful accommodation is extra fun if you unexpectedly get an upgrade to a super-deluxe suite!

Spontaneous elements make the trip unique!

The nice thing about such a working week is that you immediately notice from the start that you can only plan such a visit to a certain extent. And it is precisely those spontaneous elements that make the trip unique! This time the trip started in the south of the island. For the first night, a Classic room was in a cute B&B Cagliari center on the schedule, but host Enrico was thoughtful enough to instead surprise us with a stunning suite complete with free-standing bath and sauna cabin. A princely start to the week!

Good personal contact with the owners

Every year we go in two teams to different addresses. In and around Cagliari we started by visiting a brand new b&b or a brand chic hotel with a huge garden in the heart of the capital, followed by a A href=""target="_blank">4-star resorts within walking distance of the sea. During such a visit we usually get a tour of the rooms and the available facilities and we talk about the past season. What previous travelers thought was positive, what could possibly be better, are there new additions that are worth mentioning ... The nice thing about good personal contact throughout the year is that you are warmly welcomed on site and that you then conclude almost every visit with a cup of coffee or espresso. After such a day full of appointments, the two teams meet at nightfall to exchange experiences while enjoying a glass of local wine and a delicious fish dish.

Early floating sausages

Gymnastics and breakfast before we leave for the next appointment. In addition to accommodations and beaches, we also stop at the sights along the way.

Piano piano!

The alarm clock always rings early the next morning. After morning gymnastics in the swimming pool of the hotel and breakfast both teams get on the rental car, on the way to new round accommodations and places of interest on the planned route. Of course things sometimes go wrong on the way and it turns out that it is more difficult to find an accommodation than expected (“oh, just make a note, then we can prepare customers for this!”) Or you are sitting so pleasantly chatting that you completely lose sight of the time and being late for your next appointment. The good thing about Sardinians? They have plenty of time! "Piano piano," is the motto of most, take it easy, no stress!

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