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Sardinia4all on a trip to Sardinia - Part 2

We, the Sardinia4all travel experts, go to Sardinia every year with our team. The target? Show our face at properties we work with, review our clients' comments with the property, and discuss whether our findings are still valid. Of course we will also look around for new accommodations with which we are entering into a new partnership and we want to gain inspiration ourselves, so that we can again do what we promise our customers in the coming year: a tailor-made unique holiday. Read today in part 2 about what we do and experience during such a working week.

Special bathing guest

Today we visit child-friendly residences, boutique hotels close to the coast and real agritourisms with grunting piggies by the pool.

A cheerful animal bunch

After exploring the south we got back in the car to drive up from the southeast, through the beautiful and unspoilt Ogliastra region . Along the way, an introduction to real agritourisms, child-friendly residences and boutique hotels close to the coast was on the program. On a visit to a new address near Costa Rei , we were waiting for the host in the garden suddenly face to face with a horse. Less than two seconds later we suddenly saw gleefully grunting piggies running close to the pool. At that moment the cheerful host Michele arrived: “Ciao! Yes, they don't walk here when there are guests, but since we are now closed ... They get happy running around and then we get happy when they are on our plate!

By the sea in Bari Sardo

In this region of Sardinia you can fully enjoy long stretches of beaches and even in the middle of summer it is not too busy. A wonderful place!

A lovely place near the beach

We arrive a little earlier than planned so decide to continue to Arbatax . After all, we also have various accommodations there and it is always nice to have seen the owners again. Since we are there now, we also take a look at the red rocks of Arbatax. A well-known attraction on the east coast. Towards the end of the day, we drive together towards Bari Sardo to visit the beach and the Torre of Bari Sardo. The weather is beautiful even in October. There are also quite a few people on the beach. What a wonderful place! We also spend the night here, in a atmospheric hotel where a delicious Italian dinner was served at tables around the pool. For a while it seemed like a holiday!

The rugged interior

So you are on a beautiful coastline and then you are in the middle of the mountains ... This makes the island of Sardinia special.

The surprising interior of Sardinia

After a hearty breakfast, both cars drove towards Urzulei, where one of the hiking trails to the spectacular Su Gorropu- gap begins. Marieke knew another beautiful spot here, Sa Portisca A > called , which she would like to share with the rest of the team. After an exciting ride with two relatively small cars on a fairly intense off-road course with deep, deep cliffs, we arrived at an authentic shepherd's hut. A little further down the road was a feeding place for deer. We missed the animals unfortunately, but enjoyed the beautiful nature! We did have to let our clammy hands dry before we started on the unpaved road again… Maybe next time rent a 4x4 ?

Sleeping at the farm

Italy is a country wit a lot of agriturismos. Today we sleep in such a beautiful farmhouse in the interior of Sardinia.

A colorful collection of animals

The next overnight stay was at an agriturismo in Dorgali. An agriturismo is a farm that in the second instance (also) has started to focus on guest houses. You will therefore often find a colorful collection of animals in such an agriturismo, such as horses, dogs, goats, donkeys and sheep, ducks ... But upon arrival at our spot for that night, we were welcomed by very special guests: about ten little kittens! Hostess Lucia said that several cats were born at the beginning of the summer, which were then pampered by the guests throughout the season. Now, a few months later, they have become so tame that within seconds they were on your lap or under your bed.

Culinary surprise

In Sardinia you can also enjoy delicious food. If you stay in an agri, most products come from your own country or are homemade. Buon appetito!

An exciting trip in the dark

Unfortunately the restaurant of our agriturismo was closed that evening, so our team decided to have dinner at an agriturismo a few hundred meters away. Because we had already covered many kilometers in the car that day, we were happy that we had managed to find a restaurant so close by. After a quick phone call, we were told we were very welcome if we didn't mind eating what's on the pot. In good spirits we decided to stretch our legs. After all: it is only 600 meters and we are still young! …However? Well, after 200 meters, half of the team was already puffing. What turned out? Indeed it was only 600 meters, but uphill! Because we didn't want to let ourselves be known, we decided to just continue. Team Sardinia4all thus continued the journey on a pitch-dark road, which was only lit by the flashlight of the last phone with only a few percent battery.

Fantastic products from own country

After what felt like 4 kilometers instead of 600 meters, we were at the top of the hill, panting and totally overheated. The owner was ready to bring us to our table, but was completely surprised by our sporting company: “Huh? You walked? You are kidding me! Well, don't worry, I'll take you back downstairs in my car later. ” Although during dinner we still had to deal with a giant grasshopper, which again caused a lot of laughter at the table when we had just cooled off from the trip, we had a fantastic meal here. Home-made olives, homemade prosciutto and other cold cuts and cheese, followed by a simple but tasty pasta… A coffee and crema di limoncello… Delicious!
(And for the curious reader: of course, in good spirits we arrived safely on foot at our rooms ourselves. Fortunately the way back downhill was much faster than the way up ...)

A presto!

Coming soon: Working week Sardinia part 3 - Italian villages and Ollolai

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