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Stunt Offer Sardinia: 15-day tour Sardinia

Discover beautiful Sardinia with this individual tour - offer until January 31, 2023! During your holiday you will discover five unique places, so you will have the opportunity to see a lot in addition to lounging on the beach. You will visit the north, east, south and west. Book quickly, because there are only a limited number of places available. Sardinia is waiting for you!

During this 15-day individual tour of Sardinia with your own transport or rental car, you will stay for 14 nights in five simple but well-kept accommodations on a bed & breakfast basis:

• 3 nights: Agriturismo Lu Salconi in Bassacutena (Northern Sardinia)
• 3 nights: Dimora di Campagna Pessighette in Bosa (Western Sardinia)
• 3 nights: Lu Hotel **** in Carbonia (South Sardinia)
• 2 nights: Hotel Il Vecchio Mulino *** in Arbatax (Eastern Sardinia)
• 3 nights: Agriturismo Borgo di Campagna in Olbia (Northeast Sardinia)

This road trip has been compiled as an example. If desired, the tour program can be adjusted, taking into account the (air) port and time of arrival and the duration of your stay. Calling in fewer accommodations or reversing the route is of course also possible.

• Airport Olbia - Agriturismo Lu Salconi: 48 km.
• Agriturismo Lu Salconi - Dimora di Campagna Pessighette: 161 km.
• Dimora di Campagna Pessighette - Lu Hotel Carbonia: 201 km.
• Lu Hotel Carbonia - Hotel Il Vecchio Mulino: 206 km.
• Hotel Il Vecchio Mulino - Agriturismo Borgo di Campagna: 168 km.
• Agriturismo Borgo di Campagna - Airport Olbia: 13 km.

Unique tour offer for ...
This 15-day round trip through Sardinia is ideal for those who would like to visit various locations in Sardinia in a short time. We would like to point out that it is a stunt offer with only a limited number of places, so make sure you are quick!
Stunt offer
Book quickly!
5 destinations
Departure from. May 1


The tour starts in Northern Sardinia, in the province of Olbia-Tempio. Here you will be a guest in an authentic agriturismo Lu Salconi in Bassacutena for the next 3 nights.

Olbia-Tempio is one of the most famous areas of the island from a tourist point of view, thanks in part to the presence of numerous bays and long white sandy beaches. The many rock formations provide a true spectacle. Another characteristic aspect of this province are the so-called "stazzi". These are rectangular country houses of Sardinian granite blocks that consist of only 1 or 2 rooms on the inside. Originally these were used as shelters by local shepherds. Today most of them have been converted into houses or agritourisms.

Besides a day at the beach approximately 9 kilometers from the hotel, or taking beautiful walks in the surroundings, this region has a lot more in store for you. How about a visit to Arzachena, known for its countless archaeological excavations and many nuraghe, or San Pantaleo a mountain village nestled among spectacular granite formations near the coast? In Palau you can climb the Bear Rock. Another highlight in the north of Sardinia are the La Maddalena islands. The archipelago consists of more than 60 islands, of which La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli are the largest. Of all these islands in this nature reserve, only the main island of La Maddalena is inhabited and has about 13,000 inhabitants. From the port of Palau you can cross to enjoy nature, sea, bays and beaches. With a little luck you can see dolphins along the way!

Also take a trip to Tempio Pausania in the middle of a mountain area at the foot of Monte Limbara, about 30 kilometers from the sea. The city was only founded in Roman times (238 BC), but that the area was inhabited before, you can deduce from the presence of the countless nuraghes. These Bronze Age towers were built between about 3000 to 800 BC. built in Sardinia. The nuraghe Maiori is one of the most important.
The old city center is surrounded by modern buildings, where the use of dark granite is very striking. The Piazza Gallura is the heart of the city and is home to the 15th-century Cathedral of San Pietro, which was rebuilt in 1832. Not far from the church are the Oratorio del Rosario and the small Santa Croce church, which also date back to the 15th century. The Rinaggiu spring is located near the city. The water from this source is said to have medicinal properties and in particular counteract kidney stones. A few kilometers south of Tempio Pausania, past the Monte Limbara, there are several mountain lakes. The water that flows from one lake to the other due the rocks has caused severely worn stones over the years.


The tour continues to the province of Oristano on the west coast of Sardinia. This very varied region has not yet really been discovered by mass tourism. The area is ideal for wonderful walks or cycling trips and of course for a nice day relaxing on the beautiful quartz beach of Is Arutas. We have booked a room for the next 3 nights in the Dimora di Campagna Pessighette in Bosa.

Bosa is located on the west coast of Sardinia at the river Il Temo, the only river in Sardinia where shipping is possible over a length of 6 km. The town was founded by the Phoenicians. Later, under Spanish rule, Bosa became a royal city. The town is built around the Malaspina Castle, which dates back to 1112 and is situated against the Serravalle hill. The colorful district of Sas Conzas is reflected in the river and is very photogenic. The medieval district of Sa Costa, with a labyrinth of alleys and stairs, is well worth a visit. Here you will find, for example, women who are lace making at the front door. Bosa Marina beach is about 3 km away. In addition, there are many bays in the immediate vicinity that can only be reached by boat. The city has numerous restaurants, bars and cafes.

The archaeological site of Tharros is an hour's drive from the property, near the town of Oristano and the fishing village of Cabras, on the Penisola del Sinis headland. Tharros is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. Here you can see the ruins of the 8th century BC Punic coastal city. Tharros was founded around 730 B.C. in a place that provided a safe anchorage for cargo ships. Around the 6th and 5th century BC. Tharros was a thriving port city. This prosperity continued into Roman times. Only one third has been excavated so far. The southern section includes the Punic and Roman city, with baths, houses and shrines.

From Bosa you can also visit the city of Alghero, approximately 45 kilometers away. We certainly advise you to choose the coastal route from Bosa to Aglhero - a spectacular route with fantastic views! The medieval Sardinian-Catalan coastal town is located in the northwest of Sardinia and was created when the aristocratic Doria family from Genoa had a castle built there in 1102. This family also had a castle built in Castelsardo in the same period. In the year 1353 the Spanish took over power in Alghero and left many traces. The Spanish-style palazzo, town walls and defensive towers, as well as the bilingual street names in Catalan and Italian, still reflect the proud legacy of over 300 years of rule today.
Alghero is a tourist attraction all year round. A maze of alleys paved with old cobblestones and with drying laundry here and there, leads you right through the old town. There are numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and ice cream parlors around the different piazzas. You can relax on the shady terraces, with a breeze from the sea.
The city is located on the "Riviera del Corallo", the coral coast. That is why you can find some coral in most shops and boutiques. By evening, as soon as the temperature drops slightly and the sun sets behind the opposite cape Capo Caccia, the city takes on an orange, peachy color. It is the perfect time to take a stroll along the promenade along the harbor, and then enjoy the delicious fish dishes, including the local specialty "Aragosta alla Catalana" (lobster in Catalan way).


Today you continue the tour towards the southwest of the island to the town of Carbonia, where you will be a guest at Lu Hotel Carbonia for 3 nights.

On the way from Bosa to Santadi you can decide to visit Ingurtosu. This former mining village, characterized by a neo-Gothic building, used to house the mines' administration. Lead, silver and zinc used to be mined in the now abandoned town. Remnants of the mines are still clearly visible. Another well-known mining society is located 6 kilometers from Arbus, the "miniera di Montevecchio."

Immediately after the "ghost village" of Ingurtosu, an easily accessible dirt road leads to Piscinas. With forest to the left and right of the road, you can see the ocher-colored dunes of Piscinas in the distance after a few bends. These are the highest dunes in Europe, with peaks that can reach a height of 100 meters. Through the dunes you have access to the wide sandy beach, which has 2 beach tents. The sea is often rough here, but very impressive!

From Lu Hotel you can of course also decide to visit the capital of the island. In Cagliari you can eat in one of the cozy restaurants in the center, wander narrow alleys in the old historic districts and enjoy the countless sights the city has to offer. In short: enough to do to fill a day! A number of nice excursions can of course be booked through Sardinia4all. How about a trip with Claudio on board his beautiful Ape Calessino, a bike ride through the center or along the flamingos or an adventurous Segway tour?

Also curious about the peninsula of Sant'Antico and the island of Isola di San Pietro? You can easily find these by car. Sant'Antioco is connected to the mother island by a headland and a bridge of approx. 5 km long. You will also find the remains of the old Roman arch bridge here. If you want to explore the island, we definitely recommend that you visit the special natural pool Is Praneddas!

From Calasetta on Sant'Antioco you can sail several times a day in half an hour to the town of Carloforte. You arrive directly in the center. This cozy town has dozens of terraces and restaurants on the harbor. The locally caught tuna is processed in a special way in many starters, main courses and desserts. Make sure to visit the Piazza Carlo Emanuele in the center, from where all the streets and stairs descend towards the sea. The island has a rugged coast with beautiful creeks and inlets.


For the next 2 nights we have booked a room for you in the 3-star hotel Il Vecchio Mulino in Arbatax, in the Ogliastra.

In this province you will find all the ingredients for a varied stay in Sardinia: extensive nature reserves where you can enjoy cycling, the high Gennargentu mountains where you can walk endlessly, winding roads that are very popular among motorcyclists and a varied coastline that you cannot see anywhere else on the island.

The name of the town, Arbatax, comes from the Arabic word "arba'at'ashar", which means "the fourteenth tower". This refers to the lighthouse right along the coast. Although it originated as a small fishing village, Arbatax has today grown into an important port in Sardinia. The town is particularly known for the red rocks (rocce rosse) that you will find here.

Boats leave from Arbatax harbor for an excursion along the coastline. Along the way you will be amazed by the clear water, the countless beautiful bays and inlets. Very special are Cala Goloritzè and Cala Mariolu. If you do not dread a ride and then a steep climb, we advise you to take a look here by starting on the high plateau of Baunei, Altopiano del Golgo. In this beautiful area you can go hiking and mountain biking. Besides deer and goats you will also find tame donkeys here. Halfway up the plateau there is a bar and restaurant with parking. From here you can walk to the bay of Cala Goloritzè. Please note: due to the difference in height it is a tough hike, of about an hour and 1.5 hours back.


The last stage of this tour through Sardinia takes you to Olbia in the northeast. A room has been booked for 3 nights in the small-scale Borgo di Campagna, located approximately 15 kilometers from Olbia Airport.

This destination is a great base for exploring the area south of Olbia. Between Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro you will find many dream beaches and from the long-distance Capo Coda Cavallo you can enjoy the beautiful view over the table mountain "Isola di Tavolara". Would you like an afternoon snorkeling around the island of Tavolara or take a walk on the island, boats sail on and on from the harbor in Porto San Paolo or book an organized excursion at Sardinia4all!

From your accommodation near Olbia you can of course also make trips to the Nuoro region. How about Orosei, for example? Orosei belongs to the province of Nuoro and is located on the east coast of Sardinia. The coastal town was founded by the Romans and was a prosperous port in the Middle Ages. Due to its location in a hilly landscape, with the Supramonte mountain massif on one side and the river Cedrino on the other, Orosei is a popular holiday destination during the summer months. The historic center is characterized by the narrow streets and historic houses. Of course you will also find beautiful churches here. Near the mouth of the river, you'll find the 13th-century Santa Maria e Mare, which takes center stage on a pilgrimage on the last Sunday of May, where the Madonna sails down the river on a boat. In the church you will find many so-called "votos" (holy images). Locals and tourists alike love to visit the beautiful sandy beaches nearby, such as Marina di Orosei, Cala Ginepro, Mattanosa, Bidderosa and Cala Liberotto.

The province of Nuoro is a very varied region where it sometimes seems as if time has stood still. This province is characterized by a unique coastline and beautiful untouched nature. Nuoro is the island's most sparsely populated province. Most of the inhabitants live in the city of the same name. Over the years, Romans, Carthaginians or other "foreigners" have never managed to conquer this area and therefore this area has built a strong culture of its own. The associated traditions are well preserved and are still visible during the local festivities.

Agriturismo Lu Salconi Turismo Rurale, Bassacutena - Sardinia

Are you looking for space, tranquillity and the traditional Sardinian life? Discover north Sardinia during a stay in the intimate agriturismo Lu Salconi. Don't forget to try the tasty dishes while enjoying the panoramic view.

More about Locanda Rurale Lu Salconi

Dimora di Campagna Pessighette

Dimora di Campagna Pessighette is a nice rural address a short distance from the sea and the historic town of Bosa. The accommodation offers a stay including breakfast and you can relax in the garden with swimming pool.

More about Dimora di Campagna Pessighette

Lu Hotel Carbonia

Lu Hotel is a very well-maintained 4-star hotel in the provincial capital Carbonia, in the southwest of Sardinia. The location of the hotel is not very exciting, but it is a perfect base for a day trip to, for example, Cagliari, Sant'Antioco, Isola di San Pietro or simply touring along the unknown southwest coast. The rooms at the Lu Hotel Carbonia are spacious, stylishly decorated and air-conditioned. There is a swimming pool in the property's garden and the hotel offers a good restaurant and a SPA. Great value for money and certainly a nice option as a stage during a tour of Sardinia by car or motorcycle.

More about Lu Hotel Carbonia

Hotel Il Vecchio Mulino

Hotel Il Vecchio Mulino is located in Arbatax, on the east coast of Sardinia. The small 3-star hotel is located 600 meters from the sea and 2 kilometers from the center. In the area you will find numerous beaches and beautiful bays, but also beautiful nature reserves. In short, a wonderful destination for a varied stay on the island!

More about Hotel Il Vecchio Mulino

Agriturismo Borgo di Campagna, Olbia - Sardinia

Agrihotel Borgo di Campagna in Porto San Paolo provides a simple accommodation with hotel facilities in a rural setting. This intimate and cosy country house with pool is located in a quiet area, completely in harmony with nature.

More about Agriturismo Borgo di Campagna
The rates are per person per night
Arrival: daily
Place of start of the tour: Olbia, Alghero or Cagliari (at your choice)

Early bird discount 2023:
• Book this trip before January 31, 2023 and receive a discount of up to €150
• Book this trip before March 30, 2023 and receive up to €100 discount!

Included in the price:
• Overnight stays: 14 nights in simple accommodations
• Room type: Standard room
• LO: overnight stays including breakfast
• You will receive a travel guide with tips and fun facts

Getting around with an all-inclusive rental car
If you are not traveling with your own transport, we would be happy to book a rental car for you. You can cover unlimited kilometers and all insurance is already included in the price. During the booking process you can easily add the rental car with or without GPS. The prices shown are indicative per rental car for the total duration of the tour. If it turns out that other rates apply at the time of your reservation, we will first inform you about the prices applicable at that time. You can choose for:
• Small class: type 3-door Fiat Panda or equivalent, manual with air conditioning
• Comfort class: type 5-door VW Polo or equivalent, manual with air conditioning
• Station class: type 5-door Opel Astra STW or equivalent, manual transmission with air conditioning

We are happy to make the tour suitable, especially for you!
• You can extend or adjust the standard tour program
• Do you prefer a more luxurious room? An upgrade to a superior room is possible
• Would you rather stay on a half board basis in all accommodations? Feel free to ask us about this option
• We are happy to inform you about the best flight options and crossings
• Are you traveling with children? We are happy to send you a tailor-made offer
• Complete your tour with our range of island excursions
15 days round trip Sardinia at a special price!
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