Sardinia, a unique experience

A round trip around Sardinia: south Sardinia in 8 days

This 8-day tour will lead you to some of the most famous attractions and landscapes in south Sardinia; via the beautiful broad sandy beaches and rugged coastlines of the Costa Verde across the undulating landscape of central Sardinia to Arbatax and the popular Villasimius on the east coast.

Your itinerary:
- 2 nights in Bed & Breafast in Hotel Tarthes**** in Guspini (south-west Sardinia)
- 2 nights in Bed & Breafast in Hotel Galanias**** in Barisardo (east Sardinia)
- 3 nights in Bed & Breafast in Hotel Su Giganti*** in Villasimius (south-east Sardinia)

This tour is intended to provide an illustrative example of a possible itinerary. The round trip can be customized on request, taking into account your flight details and travel period.

A tip for travellers who wish to spend more time on the island: combine this tour with our round trip through the southern part of the island and experience the very best of Sardinia with these recommended itineraries!

• Cagliari – Guspini: 63 km.
• Guspini - Barisardo: 170 km.
• Barisardo – Villasimius: 93 km.
• Villasimius - Cagliari: 56 km.

A perfect tour for those…
This year round available 8-day tour through south Sardinia is perfectly suited for travellers wanting to discover various Sardinian highlights in a short amount of time by (rental) car.
7 Nights
3 Accommodations
South, east & west
5% discount!


The 8-day tour starts in south-west Sardinia. The first 2 days you’ll be staying in Hotel Tharthes, a hotel with pool located in the quiet village of Guspini in Medio Campidano. The coastline of this province is also known as the Costa Verde. There are many archaeological sites in the area. Nowadays, the traces of the mining industry are still clearly visible.

You can explore this part of Sardinia through various excursions. When travelling to the village of Arbus and onwards towards the sea, it becomes clear why this area is called the Costa Verde (green coast). The now abandoned neo-Gothic mining village Ingurtosu, at a mere 20 minutes from Arbus, used to house the mining administration. Lead, silver and zinc were obtained here. The remains of this industry are still present.

Following the well-passable dirt road through the forest and past the ghost town you’ll arrive at the ochre coloured dunes of Piscinas, one of the highest in Europe. You can easily park your car at the beach. The broad sandy beach is provided with 2 cosy beach bars. Although the sea can be quite rough it’s very impressive and definitely worth a visit!

We recommend taking the scenic route to the villages of Buggeru, Masua and Nebida to enjoy the spectacular cliffs and rocks disappearing into the water. Don’t forget to take a photo (mental or otherwise) of the 133-metre-high calcareous crag “Pan di Zucchero”.

When travelling to Oristano you can spot elegant pink flamingos in the Santa Giusta lake. Cabras, the most important fishing village in the area, is renowned for its bottarga; dried, pressed roe of the mullet, which is sold in blocks. Cabras’ bottarga is undoubtedly the best in Sardinia. The locals love to shave it over their pasta dishes. Each year the fish swim to the lagoon, the Stagno di Cabras, to procreate.

Passing Cabras you’ll arrive at the tip of the Sinis peninsula, where you can visit the small church of San Giovanni and the ruins of Tharros. In need of a refreshing swim? Explore the paradise-like beach of Is Arutas, 7 km from Tharros. Consisting of small grains of quartz in various colours, including pink, green, and the purest white, this kilometre-long beach is also known as the “beach of the grains of rice”. A unique sight!


The tour continues to Sardinia’s east coast. Today the route is slightly longer than the other days, but the panoramas along the way will make it worth your while. Don’t forget to keep your camera close by! The high peaks and rugged nature of the Gennargentu mountain range contrast beautifully with the rest of your journey, since you’ll be staying in accommodations near the sea. For the next three nights a room is booked in Hotel Galanias in Barisardo.

While staying in Barisardo we recommend visiting the beautiful and unspoilt places in central Sardinia by the Trenino Verde (little green train). Built at the end of the 1800s, the Arbatax-Mandas line is 159 km long, taking in the rich and heavy landscape of Ogliastra and Barbagia. Many old stations and mountain villages warmly welcome the two diesel locomotives carrying adventurers and locals alike passing the chasmic valleys, iron bridges and native fauna filled pastureland.

From Baunei, an idyllic mountain village near Arbatax located at an altitude of 500 metres, you have a spectacular view across the area. A trip to the beautiful Cala Goloritzè, only accessible on foot or by boat, is a must! In order to get there, you have to drive to the high plateau Altopiano di Golgo, a beautiful natural area housing numerous animal and bird species. Halfway you’ll come across a bar/restaurant with parking space, from where you can walk to the bay in approximately 1,5 hours. If you prefer joining a tour, an electric train can bring you from the city centre of Baunei to the high plateau as well.

This part of Sardinia is an archaeologically rich site. We recommend visiting the Domus de Janas Medusa.

The coastline is renowned for the impressive cliffs alternated with secluded bays and high rocks. It’s very popular among active travellers looking for exhilarating climbing walls, mountain bike trails and hiking routes. We highly recommend booking a boat excursion along the bay of Orosei and stopping over at the most beautiful hidden beaches on the way. If possible, don’t forget to explore the lively Cala Gonone and the Bue Marino caves, the beautiful Cala Luna bay and the sea aquarium.


Via the citrus villages of Muravera and Castiadas you’ll arrive at the final destination of your tour; Villasimius, a beloved village on Sardinia’s south-eastern coast, surrounded by the Monte Sette Fratelli massif and countless bays with white sandy beaches and a turquoise sea. The area is perfectly suited for travellers wanting to both relax and explore the sights in the area. A room has been booked in the intimate hotel Su Giganti for the last 2 nights of your journey.

The beautiful beaches of Giunco, Punta Molentis and Porto Giunco are definitely worth a visit. Book a boat trip or rent a boat to explore the stunning coastline in a unique way. If you want to learn more about the area, we recommend visiting the Archaeological Museum in Via Frau, during the high season opened from Tuesday through Sunday. Capo Carbonara is one of Villasimius’ absolute highlights. From here you can enjoy the spectacular view across the small islands Isola dei Cavalli and Isola di Serpentara. The area, a protected nature reserve since 2000, is a true paradise for snorkelers and divers.

Sardinia’s capital Cagliari is located not too far from Villasimius. The coastal road leading to the city founded by the Phoenicians is unique. The lively city itself, which in Roman times was called “Carales”, is filled with cosy piazzas, narrow streets, boutiques and historic buildings. The oldest part of the town, the Castello, accessible via one of 2 gates (the San Pancrazio gate or the Porta dei Leoni) is located against a steep height, surrounded by the old city walls. The San Remy bastion offers a spectacular view across the marina, the beach and the surrounding villages. The “Cittadella dei Musei”, which used to be a repertory of arms, nowadays houses an archaeological museum, the museum of ethnology, a Pinacoteca and the National Museum.

Tarthes Hotel

The comfortable 4-star hotel Tarthes, surrounded by myrtle and palm trees, is located within a 1-hour drive from the sea in the south-west of Sardinia. You'll be able to relax completely in this oasis of tranquility.

More about Tarthes Hotel

Hotel Galanias, Barisardo - Sardinia

Hotel Galanias Retreat is a lovely, intimate hotel in Bari Sardo on the east coast of Sardinia. Its location on a hill grants you a stunning view across the beach of Torre di Bari.

More about Galanias Hotel & Retreat

Hotel Su Giganti

Su Giganti is a cosy and intimate 3-star hotel with pool in Villiasimius, on the south-east coast of Sardinia. Here you’ll be staying within walking distance of the stunning white sandy beach of Campus and within a 5-minute drive from the vibrant city centre of Villasimius.

More about Hotel Su Giganti
Rates are per person per night
Arrival: daily
Starting point: Olbia or Alghero

Early bird discount 2023:
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The tour includes:
• Stay: 7 nights
• Type of room: Standard room
• Board: bed & breakfast

Touring with an all-inclusive rental car
We're happy to book you a rental car. The Sunny Car's all-in formula includes all insurances and an unlimited mileage. During the online booking process you can easily add a GPS package as well. The shown prices are an indication of the rental price for the entire tour. Should the current price differ, we will inform you before confirming the booking of your rental car.
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• Comfort: 5-door VW Polo or similar, manual transmission with air-conditioning
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8-day round trip south Sardinia
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Mooi land, aardige mensen, weinig te beleven, bezienswaardigheden zijn er niet of dicht of in veval

Petra & Klaas Walda, Delft

The hotels were very luxurious


Beautiful island, beautiful nature, beautiful beaches and coves.

Monique Sluimer

Very friendly people

Erica (NL)

Sardinia is a beautiful island

Anoniem (NL)


E. Derveaux (BE)

Funny island

Dhr. Spitaels (NL)