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B&B Antica Locanda Lunetta, Mandas - Sardinia

The charming Antica Locanda Lunetta, located in the historic city centre of Mandas, offers a stay in a special ambiance to couples looking for a place to relax and discover the inland of Sardina.

About the accommodation

B&B Antica Locanda Lunetta is located in the historic city centre of Mandas, 50 kilometres from Cagliari Airport. The warm ambiance of the B&B will take you back in time. The old house has been renovated and the garden offers the guests a nice place to let their mind wander or read a book. The “Trenino Verde” starts its route through the beautiful Barbagia area here. The friendly host Barbara loves to tell you all about the sights in the area.


The three double rooms, beautifully decorated with stylish furniture, wooden ceilings and floors, all have their own bathroom and air-conditioning. In the spacious living room you can relax in the cosy lounge with fire place.
For a stay with even more comfort, there are 2 spacious suites available that overlook the garden. Apart from a double bed, these rooms have a seating corner with 2 comfortable chairs and a table. In the suites there’s a kettle and (herbal) tea. The luxurious bath room is provided with a freestanding bath and shower cabin. The suite on the ground floor also has its own patio with seating.

A perfect stay for those...

Antica Locanda Lunetta is perfectly suited for travellers looking for a romantic accommodation in central Sardinia which offers various activities in the vicinity. An ideal and unique place for travellers on a round trip.

Accommodation & facilities:
• Air-conditioning
• Garden
• ...
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Pool: No
Wi-Fi: Yes
Beach: 65 km.
Village: 0 m.
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B&B Antica Locanda Lunetta - Mandas - Sardinie
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B&B Antica Locanda Lunetta


Mandas is the most important agro-pastoral village in the area, located on the border of the Campidano and Barbagia regions. The municipality is part of the mountain district of Mulargia Flumendosa. Its economy is primarily based on agriculture and farming, to which its name can be traced back (the Latin “mandra” meaning animal pen).

Discover the southern province of Cagliari

The province of Cagliari and its eponymous capital are located in south-west Sardinia. The daily ferries from Napels and Civitavecchia and large cruise liners sailing the Mediterranean moor in Cagliari’s marina, which is situated right in front of the city centre, along the Via Roma. The city's own sandy beach Poetto (pronunciation: po-etto), stretching out for 8 kilometres, is very popular among the locals from April/May through the beginning of October. Located a few kilometres from the centre of Sardinia's capital, Cagliari-Elmas International Airport connects the capital to the main land.
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Double room

26-09-2020 - 30-09-2020
62,- per person per night
01-10-2020 - 31-10-2020
59,50 per person per night
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Suite Melograno (2 pers.)

26-09-2020 - 30-09-2020
69,50 per person per night
01-10-2020 - 31-10-2020
62,50 per person per night
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Suite del Patio (2 pers.)

26-09-2020 - 30-09-2020
72,50 per person per night
01-10-2020 - 31-10-2020
69,50 per person per night
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Single room

26-09-2020 - 30-09-2020
124,- per person per night
01-10-2020 - 31-10-2020
119,- per person per night
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Rates are per person per night, breakfast included & welcome drink
Arrival: daily
Minimum stay: 1 night

B&B Antica Locanda Lunetta
Reviews: 7




Goede uitvalsbasis voor bezoek aan de regio


Beautiful B&B and very friendly!

Mw. Baeckelmans (NL)

Antica Locanda is a really charming accommodation

Dhr. Van Wijk (NL)

Antica Locanda Lunetta is een omweg waard!

Mw. Mehuys (BE)

Een echte aanbeveler!

Dhr. De Bruijn (NL)