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Tour to the archaeological site of Tiscali

Starting from Dorgali, you'll travel to the archaeological site of Tiscali first by Land Rover and then on foot. The road leads through the Lanaittu valley to the base of the mountain. From there you'll walk up a spectacular path overlooking the surrounding mountains and the valley. The micro climate, the atmosphere in the cave and the colour of the limestone make this place truly unique and unforgettable. The hidden cave, which long ago fell in creating a natural space in the summit of the Tiscali mountain, was inhabited by the Sardinians thus successfully escaping the Romans.
Afterwards a light lunch of local products is served.

• Excursion subject to availability
• Lunch included
• Hike: ca. 3,5 hours, daily from 9.00 - 16.30h
Hike and Land Rover
Day trip
01.04 - 31.10
Rates are per person per excursion and include a packed lunch and entrance to the archaeological site
Land Rover tour and hike: Tiscali
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Het betere klim-en klauterwerk wordt beloond met prachtige uitzichten


Echt leuk!

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