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Trenino Verde

Beautiful routes through the green of Sardinia with Il Trenino Verde

One of the best ways to explore the different aspects of the beautiful island of Sardinia is by “Trenino Verde” or also known as the “little green train”. There are several routes where the train passes a landscape rich in vegetation. Bridges, stations, houses perfectly placed in an environment, sometimes only accessible by rail. The train moves slowly over the track so a traveler cannot miss out the beautiful views and impressive surroundings.

A winding railway line through untouched nature reserves

The 600-km-long railway line through Sardinia was built at the end of the nineteenth century and connects the rugged interior with the beautiful coasts. Special is the distance between the rails, a width of only 945 mm instead of the 1435 mm that is used for every other track. The “Trenino Verde” is one of the largest “small railways” in the world.

Four routes through beautiful regions of Sardinia

Zigzagging routes through the suggestive landscape and long travel times have attracted the attention of adventure travelers for many years. In 1921 the British writer D.H. Lawrence wrote his own experience in the book "Sea and Sardinia". Together with his wife Frieda Von Richtofen he traveled with Il Trenino Verde from Cagliari to Isili and then on to Sorgono.
The green train now travels four different tourist routes. You also have the option to board the train at an intermediate station to experience part of the ride. The green trains run in the summer, from mid-June to early September, the following routes:

• Green train from Mandas to Arbatax (Distance: 159 km - Duration: 5 hours)
The most long and winding route traveled by the green train. You depart from the picturesque Mandas inland. The breathtaking tour takes you through the rugged Gennargentu mountains, past lakes and old villages to the coastal town of Arbatax in the east.

Green train from Isili to Sorgono (Distance: 83 km - Duration: 3 hours)
This approximately 3-hour ride passes the western part of the Barbagia. Via the towns of Laconi and Belvì you arrive in Sorgono. A route through a beautiful rugged area with numerous bridges and tunnels along the way, past the chestnut trees of Tonara and Aritzo, Nuraghe Is Paras and small track guards' houses.

Green train from Sassari to Palau (Distance: 151 km - Duration: 3.5 hours)
A train ride through the beautiful Northern Sardinia. You have the option to get on in Alghero for a "coast to coast" route. The official tourist route starts in Nulvi. The train takes you past granite mountains, cork forests, Lake Liscia and the old town of Tempio Pausania to the lively seaside resort of Palau, opposite the Maddalena Islands.

Green train from Macomer to Bosa (Distance: 46 km - Duration: 2 hours)
A panoramic route that starts at an altitude of 500 meters in the high mountains of Campeda. Slowly you descend towards Tresnuraghes, along the "Valle del Malvasia" to the clear blue sea of ​​the colorful town of Bosa. The view over the coast is great!

Would you like to participate a ride with the green train during your holiday in Sardinia?

Would you like to bump through nature on board Il Trenino Verde? Tickets are available at the stations or pre-order a ticket via the official website . On this site you will also find information about dates and departure times.
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