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Vallicciola Nature Hotel, Tempio Pausania - Sardinia

Welcome to the mountains of Sardinia, on the slopes of the granite stone massif of Monte Limbara! This mountain hotel is in a special place - on the edge of the dense pine forest of Vallicciola, with an adventure meadow with shady seating, plenty of space to romp and play for kids and with countless hiking and trekking paths for adults.

About the accommodation

A mountain hotel in Sardinia - that is something extraordinary. On the edge of a local recreation area with picnic benches, an ice-cold water source and an infinite amount of space, this school camp was built in the 1960s, which was in danger of falling into disrepair until it was renovated entirely by women in 2020 and shines in new splendor. Air conditioning isn't available in the rooms over a thousand meters above sea level - there are radiators in case it should get a little fresher in spring or autumn. Many Sardinians also love this corner of the island, which is so very different from the rest of Sardinia. Tight endless curves, dense pine forests, evergreen, lonely - the approach to Monte Limbara is somewhat reminiscent of a Corsican mountain landscape. No wonder - the neighboring French island can be seen very well from here!


Small but nice: the only 18 rooms in the house are equipped with two to three beds. 11 rooms are located in the main building and some have a balcony, and there is also a room for disabled visitors. Seven rooms are located a little further away in a forest house. The breakfast with homemade cakes, sweet and savory specialties gives an idea of ​​what is served here in the evening: delicious, down-to-earth dishes with Sardinian specialties from the region. As there is no dining option near the hotel, we recommend booking half board.


The Sardinians come to the highest mountain in Northern Sardinia when they get too much of the summer heat and the crowds on the beach, because here it is pleasantly chilly even in summer. But even in the low season, the recreation area of ​​Monte Limbara offers variety and pure nature. How about going into the forest in the morning on the yoga mat and greeting nature with the spicy scent of the pine needles in your nose? Unique!
After breakfast, action is the order of the day: hiking trails, trekking paths and single trails, as well as various off-road routes for Enduro - Fans start right at the hotel. Is it good to cool down after so much exercise? A few granite stones will take you from the hotel to the Riu Pisciaroni pools in just under an hour. What a contrast to the sea - warm, Caribbean-blue bays versus ice-cold river swimming! A tour through the endless curves to the top of Limbara is not to be missed. You pass the remains of an old US Army radio station - a forgotten place with a Cold War hint. At the highest point of the granite mountain, which often has snow in winter, there is a parking lot near the radio antennas of the Italian television, and here too there are numerous hikes through the evergreen mountain landscape. And that look! Enjoy a panorama of the whole of Gallura and the distant Corsica.

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Pool: nee
Wi-Fi: ja
Beach: 45 km
Village: 14 km


Vallicciola Nature Hotel

Tempio Pausania

Tempio Pausania, the capital of the Gallura region, is located in the mountainous area at the foot of the Monte Limbara, at ca. 30 kilometres from the sea.
The city dates back to the Roman age (238 B.C.), although the area has been inhabited for far longer considering the presence of numerous “nuraghe”; ancient megalithic edifices developed during the Nuragic Age (ca. 3000 – 800 B.C.), of which Nuraghe Maiori is the most important.
The old city centre is characterised by a typical granite-stone architecture. The Piazza Gallura and the San Pietro Cathedral there constitute the heart of the city. Nearby you’ll find the Oratorio del Rosario and the intimate Santa Croce Church, both dating back to the 15th century.
It’s said that the water of the Rinaggiu spring near the city has excellent curative properties.
A few kilometres south of Tempio Pausania, beyond Monte Limbara, there are several mountain lakes connected by numerous creeks. The water has sculpted the rocks here considerably. We recommend visiting this area during the winter months.
Dorp - Tempio Pausania - Tempio / Olbia - Sardinië

Discover the province of Olbia-Tempio in north Sardinia

Olbia-Tempio is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Sardinia. It's the perfect province for a relaxing beach holiday because of the countless bays and broad sandy beaches here. Its landscape is furthermore characterized by a lush Mediterranean vegetation and impressive rocks. The province is an international crossroads for numerous visitors, thanks to the international Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport and Olbia's marina, where ferries from Genoa, Livorno, Piombino and Civitavecchia arrive daily.
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Vallicciola Nature Hotel
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