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Motorcycling along the Mediterranean
Our tips for a perfect motorcycling holiday in Sardinia

Sardinia is a true paradise for motorcyclists. Beautiful long coastal routes, winding and deserted mountain roads, but also easy through roads ensure endless touring pleasure at your own level on the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Is Sardinia discovering adventurous also on your bucket list and are you a fan of motorcycling? Then now is the perfect opportunity for you!

After a day full of adventures on the road, a stay in a beach hotel is an ideal rest location for the next phase of your tour. But an overnight stay in the mountains or one of the authentic farms also offer social highlights during every motorcycle trip. We are happy to give you tips for the best motorhotels, route suggestions and tips for your travel planning .

Central and Eastern Sardinia

Frequent drivers and curve collectors come on the extreme tours through the south of Barbagia, for example on the route of Mandas to Lanusei . The extreme passes in Gennargentu require a lot of driving skills, for example from Fonni to Seui. Ideal meeting point is: Sadali. For a deserted route, it is best to drive in the area of ​​Arzana, Villagrande Strisaili and Villanova Strisaili, where encounter herds of cattle or wild pigs on the road.

Attention, especially in spring, the mountain roads in the Sardinian high mountains can still show winter damage, for example on the side passes around Aritzo -Tascusi and in the streets of the Bruncuspina.
The SS 125 national road from Baunei to Dorgali is legendary among motorcyclists: endless hairpin bends, panoramic routes with plenty of grip and good asphalt, plus a unique mountain landscape that offers a new panorama behind every turn. The spectacular mountain road is not an insider tip, but should not be missing in any tour. As the main traffic load from Northern Sardinia to the east coast is inland at Arbatax and Tortolì (Nuoro) and further on the well-developed strada statale 389 var Nuoro-Lanusei, the SS125 through the Supramonte is largely truck-free.

Great motorcyclist resort

The West

The Strada Litoranea coastal road from Bosa to Alghero is breathtaking and spectacular. The winding route features fantastic cliff-top panoramas, plus plenty of twisting variety - so it's no wonder the 45-kilometer route is one of the most exciting roads on the island. The best way back is via the no less fascinating mountain route over the Montresta mountain nest.
Montiferru's extinct volcano is a cornering paradise with little traffic and great views. Be careful in the fall: in the holm oak and chestnut forests, fall foliage can cloud the driving experience.
On the Costa Verde, the route from Sant’Antonio di Santadi to Funtanazza is easy to drive. If you love your bike, the fastest way to go in Portu Maga towards Guspini/Arbus! The road along the coast towards Piscinas goes through two streams, the route from Piscinas to Ingurtosu is a dusty, bumpy slope. For enduro fans, this route is almost a highway!
In the hinterland of the Costa Verde, however, you can really let off steam around Arbus. Also spectacular is the stretch to Buggerru and the beautiful coastline up to Fontanamare, a route with cliffs that steep fall into the sea. Then back on the route from Iglesias to Fluminimaggiore.

Hotel La Baja on the wild west coast

The South

The Costa del Sud is one of the most beautiful coastlines on the island. A few kilometers south of Pula, the approximately 20-kilometer panoramic route winds its way from Chia to Porto Teulada . Bizarre steep banks alternate with small beach coves, where a herd of cows is lazing in the sun. The well-developed road, which alternates along the coast, always offers unique views: for example, on the fine sandy beach of Teurredda and the clear blue water up to Capo Malfatano.
Equally attractive is a day tour from Costa Rei along the winding coastline to Villasimius and Cagliari - and then back through the narrow valleys of the Sette Fratelli .

Lu Hotel - Smart hotel in a strategically good location in the southwest
Residence Baia Sana Reparata - Santa Teresa di Gallura

The north and the northeast

In tight bends through endless cork oak forests it goes around Tempio Pausania and Aggius in the heart of Gallura. The moon valley Valle della Luna or Piana dei Gran Sassi is also wonderful. In the last ice age, glaciers, wind and weather piled up bizarre rocks and hills here. The Limbara massif is also aiming high.
South of Olbia, the Lerno River makes its way between the granite massifs of Gallura in the west and the mountain range of Monte Nieddu in the east. The hardly developed, fertile valley leads on winding, narrow roads high into the wild mountains of Alà dei Sardi.
And because there is hardly any traffic here, some motorcycle insiders have discovered the godforsaken area for themselves. The roads are narrow, but hardly used and the curves of the provincial road have a lot of grip and only a few potholes.
That changes, of course, when you turn a little off the main roads: meadows, vineyards, cork oak forests and holm oak groves hide on the gentle slopes, which are accessed by small dirt roads and narrow streets - a true paradise for off-road and enduro fans.
The massive limestone massif of Monte Albo is the natural landmark of the Alta Baronia, the stretch of land between Posada and Siniscola in northeastern Sardinia. The good thirty-kilometer long curve eldorado on the north flank of the ridge , which is also nicknamed "Sardinian Dolomites" is still an insider tip among motorcyclists, racing cyclists and day trippers.

Perfect motorcycle hotel in the northeast

Plan your motorcycle holiday!

After a long and beautiful day of motorcycling, it is nice to arrive at a good accommodation. Planning and booking your accommodations in advance means that you can tour the beautiful Sardinia carefree during the day. Whatever your wishes for an overnight stay are, we can book this for you. Whether this is an agriturismo or a small-scale hotel where you can park your motorcycle, we give you like good advice. If you are going on holiday with a group of motorcyclists, a villa or holiday home is also ideal, ask us for the possibilities!

Our tip for a 10-day motorcycle holiday in Sardinia

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