Sardinia, a unique experience

Sardinia4all on a trip to Sardinia - Part 4

After our visit to Cagliari, Villasimius , Costa Rei and Ollolai, we drive via Orgosolo with the team of sardinia4all to the west of Sardinia. The purpose of our visit? Show our face at properties we partner with, review our clients' comments with the property, and discuss whether our findings are still valid. Of course we will also look around for new accommodations with which we are entering into a new partnership and we want to gain inspiration ourselves, so that we can again do what we promise our customers in the coming year: Create a unique tailor-made trip. Read part 4 of our working week in Sardinia here!
Werkweek S4A 2018

Sardinia, what an island!

The openness and hospitality of the Sardinians is one of the reasons we love this island so much. When we got back in the car after a tour of Ollolai to drive to the next mountain village, it soon became apparent that one of the main routes had been closed due to works. Our navigation led us on an unpaved country road, but halfway down the road, literally in the middle of nowhere, we suddenly couldn't go any further. We had already conquered the necessary bumpy paths with our rental cars, but now we were faced with a dubious puddle from which we could not determine exactly how deep it was. We had to consider what we would do: take the risk and drive through it or back and choose a different route. In the end we are the other way around. As we stood at the end of the country road, watching how we would continue our way, another car pulled up. The driver came to the rescue and offered to drive ahead of us. Grazie!
Werkweek S4A 2018

Via Orgoloso to the west of Sardinia

The last leg of the route led from the inland along the west coast to the south again. On the way, we soon visited Orgosolo, a village known for its many murals (murales). When we were wandering through the narrow streets and alleys, Marieke suddenly pulled us into a very small shop. Before we knew what was happening, an old man was ready to give us all a hat. All bags had to be on the floor, all hair out of sight - oh and if we tall Dutchmen wanted to bend over so that he could put the hat on our heads. Well, of course pictures had to be taken ...

The late summer sun on the beach of Is Arutas

The last afternoon we spent on the special quartz beach of Is Arutas, on the west coast of the island. While we enjoyed the late summer sun and the view over the turquoise sea, we discussed the past few days with each other. Our conclusion? Sardinia offers so much more than just beautiful beaches and small bays. During this week we got to know a relatively unknown side of Sardinia. New gems, spontaneous encounters, pure nature, warm culture and delicious food and drinks… What an island!

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