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Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, offers plenty of opportunities for sports and other activities. The island has beaches like in the Caribbean, a magnificent nature and great contrasts in the landscape. We have already listed a number of outdoor activities in Sardinia for you!
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Narrow gorges with torrential streams have been created for canyoning. Especially the Supramonte, in the interior of Sardinia, is a great canyoning area. Another fantastic experience is traversing the spectacular Gorropu Gorge or opt for a challenging Canyoning tour Codula Fuili!
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The underwater world of Sardinia offers a true spectacle. Unlike in the Red Sea, you won't be surrounded by colorful fish, but you can spot all kinds of sea creatures, jagged rocks, coral reefs, caves and even shipwrecks. In many places by the sea there are dive centers where you can easily rent equipment or book a diving excursion with guide in the north or northwest of Sardinia. Are you ready for an underwater adventure?
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The crystal clear waters of Sardinia are of course also perfect for snorkeling . Snorkeling in Sardinia is therefore possible in many places. Explore the beautiful waters in the north, the imposing east coast or discover the colorful underwater world of protected marine nature reserve such as in Villasimius and Alghero. For those who prefer to dive into the water accompanied by a guide, Sardinia4all organizes a number of nice snorkeling excursions. How about a snorkeling tour around the beautiful island of Caprera which is part of the Maddalena Islands archipelago. If you are staying on the northwest coast of the island, a snorkeling adventure is nearby Alghero , in the waters of Capo Caccia a must. Who knows, you might also encounter dolphins along the way!
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In Sardinia there are four 18 hole golf courses : Pevero Golf Club in the north on the Costa Smeralda, Is Molas Circolo Golf in to the south at Pula, Golf Club Is Arenas to the west at Narbolia and Tanka Golf & Country Club at Villasimius to the east, as well as a number of 9-hole courses, including Puntaldia Golf Club to the northeast at San Teodoro and Sa Tanka Golf & Country club in the south at Quartu Sant'Elena.

Canoe and kayak

The sea, the major rivers and the reservoirs offer numerous opportunities for water sports, especially for lovers of canoeing and kayaking. The best are the boat trips on rivers in the spring, when the water is still high. The reservoirs can be sailed all year round, because the water level is constant. Popular reservoirs are Lake Omodeo in the province of Oristano, Lago di Gusana in the Barbagia and Lago del Coghinas in Gallura. Also sea kayaking is also popular in Sardinia - and very spectacular for its accessible caves!


The steep cliffs of the Supramonte are ideal for climbers. Also on the coast the cliffs rise almost vertically from the sea, which makes climbing a great experience! The Supramonte offers enough challenge for experienced climbers with routes of level 8a and 8b. However, there are plenty of routes that are also great for beginners. The most famous base for climbing tours is Cala Gonone, but in Alghero you can also climbing rocks or challenge the peaks of Tavolara !
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Mountain biking in Sardinia is fantastic, but often requires a good level of fitness. It is wise to look for the most beautiful places with a guide, but if you want to set off independently, take a GPS with you in addition to a good map and compass. You can easily get lost in the rugged nature, off the beaten track. If you prefer to participate in a "normal" bike tour, take a look at the organized bike tours from Cagliari and Alghero.

Horse riding

Sardinia is also the ultimate destination for a horse riding holiday. You can do both day and multi-day tours here. A ride on an island-bred Anglo-Arab through the mountains or along the coast is an unforgettable experience. A visit to the horse fair in Santu Lussurgiu in the first week of June or a traditional equestrian tournament on August 21 is also worthwhile. In collaboration with Mandra Edera, we are also happy to take care of your horse riding holiday on the island!


The combination of a coastline of over 1800 kilometers, with many paradisiacal beaches, crystal clear sea and reliable sea breezes is what makes a surf enthusiast's heart beat faster. In Sardinia you will find some of the best surf spots in Europe, including on the north coast of Sardinia between Capo Testa and Palau. Porto Pollo (or Porto Puddu) is highly regarded by windsurfers and is an international meeting point for active surfers. On the west coast surf hotspots can be found on the Sinis peninsula at Capo Mannu and Putzu Idu, while on the south coast the Costa del Sud and Capo Carbonara offer fantastic opportunities for surfing. Ask Sardinia4all about all the possibilities!
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The possibilities for walking tours are enormous in Sardinia: from simple walks from a few hours to tough one - or multi-day trips. One of the most popular hiking areas is the rugged area of ​​the Supramonte, which is also very popular among climbers and cavers. The Sentiero Selvaggio Blu runs along the east coast of Sardinia; a tough walking route that, if you want to walk it all the way, takes about a week. However, there are many more hiking tours that are all worthwhile. Make sure you always have a current map with you with clear directions and preferably a GPS. Several walking tours can be booked directly at Sardinia4all - ask us about the possibilities!
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The waters around Sardinia are a beautiful but also challenging sailing area. The varied coasts, the islands off the coast and the bays that are only accessible by boat make sailing a unique experience. A sailing trip around Sardinia will soon take three weeks. You can rent sailboats, with or without crew. Sardinia4all also provides various day trips, including in Alghero, Villasimius or discover the southern islands Sant'Antioco and San Pietro .

Do you want to spend your holiday in Sardinia actively? Tell me about your holiday wishes ; I'll be happy to give you personal advice.

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