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Surf, Kite and Windsurf: The best spots in Sardinia

Perfect wave in Sardinia! On the Italian dream island, windsurfers, kite surfers and surfers get their money's worth at countless spots on the island - and not only in summer, but - especially surfers - also in the winter months. If there is no wind, you can of course still get on the board - for example for SUP (Stand Up Paddling) - for example in Cagliari, Orosei and Porto Torres.

Surfer's Paradise Sardinia

In Sardinia there is always the perfect wind in the lines. The most striking island wind comes from the north-west, this is called the mistral. The Libeccio and the Scirocco, a hot wind coming from Africa, blows from the south and southwest. The Ponente coming from the west provides an unobstructed view. Levante, Greco and Tramontana make the tough of surfers on the east coast beat faster.

Porto Pollo - Palau

There is no better way! Sardinia's prime location for surfers and kiters is in the far north of the island, about 5 km west of Palau. Perfect: beach bars on the endlessly wide, light and fine sandy beach that is also called Porto Puddu.
The spot offers a good infrastructure with flat water, good wind conditions and surfing and kite schools. You can surf in two bays, one always with waves and the other without waves. Depending on the wind direction, one bay is always perfect for surfing, the other for kiting.

La Marinedda, Isola Rossa

The beach east of Isola Rossa offers many service facilities and is extremely well attended during the summer. As a kite surfing spot, the beach is especially recommended in winter. Because the bay is relatively narrow towards the beach, surfers especially have their fun here in the spring!

Vignola, Trinità d'Agultu

The infinitely broad reddish brown Spiaggia di Vignola Mare (also called La Rena Bedda ) lies at the foot of the rugged Punta di Li Francesi. The sometimes pebbly, sometimes sandy, flat beach stretches for a few kilometers to the coastal town of Vignola Mare. Recommended as a kitesurfing spot, especially in winter.

San Pietro a Mare & La Ciaccia, Valledoria

The long, light sandy beach Spiaggia San Pietro a Mare is located behind the Spiaggia di Valledoria and is a excellent surf spot with west and north-easterly winds, but due to the current more for experienced surfers. On the other hand, you can do your first kitesurfing exercises in shallow water, where you have the best conditions for surfing. However, beware of the current that draws surfers from the beach towards Badesi. The small sandy beach in front of the holiday complex of the same name, La Ciaccia, is a great place to let the plank in the water.

La Pelosa, Stintino

Admittedly, at Sardinia's most famous beach paradise La Pelosa at Stintino surfing can degenerate into slalom due to the large number of bathers . But who wants to miss out on surfing with this dreamy backdrop? Especially a dream with northeast wind (Grecale)! The start is not on the main beach, but a little further south on the bay of Spiaggia del Gabbiano. With upwind the area extends to the island of Piana.

Porto Ferro, Alghero

The wide, ocher-colored, coarse sandy beach of Porto Ferro at Alghero can be reached via several sandy roads, surfers and kiters must take the main ramp as there is a beach bar and surf club. The sand band, partially interrupted by shiny red trachyte rocks, is framed by a dense pine forest that extends to the nearby Lago Baratz. By the way: textile-free bathing is tolerated in the northern part of the beach and in the crystal-clear, fish-rich waters that shimmer in a thousand shades of green, ideal for snorkelers , divers and amateur fishermen through the vibrant underwater world.


The Sinis Peninsula in the province Oristano is one of the lesser known spots on the island. There is the desert paradise of Is Arenas with little service and perfect waves. The bay of Sa Mesa Longa makes surfers' hearts beat faster, but due to the rocky shallows off the coast, caution and experience are required! In calmer waters around Putzu Idu people meet to practice the correct wave slot . And the beach at S’Arena Scoada is seldom overcrowded, so that bathers and board fans don't get in each other's way.

Porto Botte

Located between mainland Sardinia and the island of Sant'Antioco, Porto Botte may not be one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, but it is by far the best kitesurfing area on the island. Depending on the wind force and direction, flat or rippling water, different kite schools even teach beginners to surf with a stunt kite! Located in the southwest of the island.


Here comes the Caribbean feeling! The beautiful kilometer-long, light sandy beach in Chia is a paradise for small and older children as well as for sportsmen. Because Chia makes all enthusiasts happy! Su Giudeo beach is a multi-spot in a unique landscape: fast, undulating and very windy all year round. The Grecale (from the northeast), the Levante (from the east) and the Scirocco (from the southeast) bring beautiful waves and steady winds. During the summer months (from June to mid-September) when the beach is very busy, kite flying is only possible with the help of a boat. Surfers appreciate the waves of the narrow bay of Cala Cipolla, the beautiful Spiaggia di Campana overlooking the Saracen tower Torre di Chia offers practical access for people and equipment.


Simius beach is a kilometer-long beach paradise. Ideal for beginners when the wind is good. But a quick look at the map shows: The tourist magnet Villasimius , Located southeast of the island, is blessed on all sides with dream beaches, one of which always has the perfect wind and the perfect wave conditions.

Mar'e Flumene, Siniscola

South of La Caletta the light gray, soft sand band Mar'e Flumene turns towards the land lined with a shady pine grove. Behind it are the flat salt marshes of Sa Pischera and in the side arm of the Rio di Siniscola river, all kinds of seabirds cavort alongside fish - and kiters and surfers, because there is little going on on this section of the beach even in the main season. The on-site kite school offers kite lessons as well as wakeboard and stand up paddling courses.

Su Tiriazu, Posada

At the mouth of the Rio Posada is the wonderful beach paradise of Posada . Clear water, beige sand, and lots of space. Su Tiriatzu is the name of the main beach, which is well signposted from Posada and can be reached via a wide access road. On the beach there are several beach bars and a surf school that rents kite and surf equipment as well as kayaks and stand up paddles.

La Cinta, San Teodoro

La Cinta - This is a dream beach, party beach and sports mecca all in one. La Cinta is one of the few beaches in the north of the island where all skill levels can sail, windsurf and kite surf. The bright sand band of San Teodoro is an excellent spot for Mistral and Scirocco, at Tramontana or Grecale however, ideal for surfers. There is also an extra area for kiters: La Fuchìtta is the name of the beach section that is specially marked out for kiters & friends. So that you don't have to lug all your equipment along the beach, the kite school also offers a material shuttle by boat during the season.

Barisardo, Ogliastra

You can also surf and kite in the Ogliastra, almost undisturbed. Sportsparadise runs a kite surf school on the unspoilt beach of Planargia.

Marina Maria, Olbia

Marina Maria and the old salt lakes (Vecchie Saline) south of Olbia are a surfers paradise for locals and connoisseurs. Since the beach is not one of the best swimming spots in the region, surfers and kiters have plenty of space for sports on the spot!

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