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Child-friendly beaches in Sardinia

During a holiday with the whole family you naturally also want to enjoy the sun to the fullest, sea ​​and beach . Sardinia has a beautiful, versatile coast. There are several long sandy beaches that are very suitable for children. You can walk meters into the sea without the water coming higher than your knees. The beaches along the north, east and south coast in particular are true paradise for families with children. The beaches on the west coast of Sardinia, and especially the area from Oristano to the south, are better avoided with children. Here the sea is often rougher and there is a strong current. Sardinia4all has the most beautiful beaches and the most child-friendly beaches already put on the map for you!

Enjoy the beaches in Northern Sardinia with the children

The Costa Smeralda in the north is the most famous part of Sardinia for tourists. It is undoubtedly a beautiful place on the island for a wonderful family holiday with sun, sea and sand. There are numerous beaches with shallow water for children.

Punta Li Mindi (Badesi)

This wide beach is characterized by medium coarse sand. In clear weather you have a beautiful view of the island of Asinara. Punta Li Mindi is easy to reach and various facilities are available. The presence of a large parking lot, where you can always find a place, is also an advantage.

La Ciaccia (Valledoria)

The beautiful beach of La Ciaccia, just off Valledoria , is a kilometer-long white sand beach . The water gradually gets deeper, so that small children can also play in the water. On site you can rent pedal boats and canoes and there is a beach bar.

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Li Cossi (Trinità d’Agultu)

Li Cossi, near Trinità d'Agultu, which is surrounded by imposing rocks, can be reached due a path of about 500 meters. Despite the slightly longer walk, the beach is very suitable for families. Also handy: parking, rental and restaurant are available.

Rena Bianca (Santa Teresa di Gallura)

On the beach Rena Bianca, with public parking, also small children can enjoy the calm and shallow water.

La Liccia (Santa Teresa di Gallura)

The long sandy beach of La Liccia of about 1 kilometer is known for its beautiful clear water, which is particularly suitable for diving and snorkeling. It is also a wonderful play paradise for children.

Cala Martinella (Porto Rafael)

Cala Martinella is located on the northern tip of Sardinia, above Palau and Porto Rafael. This beautiful bay is surrounded by granite. The beach is also suitable for children, but there are no other gastronomic facilities.

Pevero (Porto Cervo)

Pevero and Piccolo Pevero are dream beaches characterized by imposing cliffs. The sea water is crystal clear and slopes very gradually, making it also very suitable for children. There is a parking lot not far from the beach. There are also several restaurants. Please note: this area is one of the most exclusive (and therefore expensive) areas of Sardinia.

Spiaggia del Principe (Porto Cervo)

During a visit to the beautiful bay Spiaggia del Principe it quickly becomes clear why this beach is literally translated as "the beach of the prince". This is truly a paradise, with fine white sand and clear water. You can walk meters through shallow water - also ideal for small children! The distance to the parking lot is approximately 700 meters and there is also a kiosk.

Bay of Capriccioli (Porto Cervo)

On the headland of Capriccioli there are beautiful beaches - often out of the wind - where the water gradually deepens. The bay of Capriccioli, divided in two, has a marina as well as restaurants and shops. The bay of La Celvia is right next to it and is slightly larger, but also worth a visit.

Cala Battistoni (Baja Sardinia)

In Baja Sardinia is the fine white sandy beach Cala Battistoni, where children can play. Pedalos and boats are available for rent. From the beach you can walk to the boulevard with terraces and there is a parking lot at approximately 500 meters.

Baia Salinedda (San Teodoro)

On the headland of Capo Coda Cavallo is another beach paradise for the kids: Baia Salinedda. You can also spot birds, because the beach borders a swamp area. There is a parking lot right on the beach.

Cala Brandinchi (San Teodoro)

Cala Brandinchi is located south of Capo Coda Cavallo, directly opposite the island of Isola di Tavolara. This beach is also known as "Tahiti Beach", because of the very fine white sand and the azure blue sea. There are numerous facilities on this dream beach and there is plenty of parking space.

East Sardinia

In the east of Sardinia you will find beautiful long beaches and countless unique bays that can only be reached on foot or by boat.

Child-friendly beaches in eastern Sardinia

The eastern part of Sardinia is a bit more varied, but is certainly not inferior to the beaches in the north. Around Orosei you will find numerous long white sandy beaches, which are also very suitable for children. Nice examples are the beaches of Cala Liberotto and Cala Ginepro. Be sure to discover the hidden pebble bays that you can only reach by boat.

Su Barone (Orosei)

Su Barone beach, 7 kilometers south of Orosei, is a true natural paradise. Don't let the slightly bumpy road up to it deter you - at the end you will arrive at a spacious parking lot and reach a dream beach with a calm sea.

Bay of Iscrixedda (Lotzorai)

The bay of Iscrixedda has a spacious car park and a bar. Iscrixedda is a perfect bay for all snorkeling enthusiasts. If you also want to visit the beautiful bays of Cala Goloritzè, Cala Sisine and Cala Luna - which can only be reached on foot or by boat - then you can manage a boat trip here.

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Santa Maria Navarrese

The beach of Santa Maria Navarrese is easily accessible and is close to the village. The beach consists of coarse white sand with pebbles of various sizes here and there. Here too the sea slopes very slowly, making it ideal for children. You can park your car along the beach or in the parking lot just before the center.

Discover the child-friendly beaches in southern Sardinia

The south of the Sardinia again offers a fantastic mix of beaches. In the southeast, around Costa Rei, the kilometer-long coastline consists of many wide, white sandy beaches. Even further south is the pleasant seaside resort of V Villasimius , which is known for its countless bays and child-friendly sandy beaches. The inhabitants of the capital Cagliari like to find a place on "their" 8 kilometer long sandy beach, which is called Il Poetto. Beyond Cagliari, in a south-westerly direction, you come to the popular seaside resorts of Pula and Chia, which are also loved for their beautiful wide sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

Beach Costa Rei

The beach of Costa Rei is about 8 kilometers long and consists of beautiful white grained sand. The seabed slopes gently and there are all kinds of facilities. Thanks to the hills, the beach is protected from the wind. With a little luck you can see beautiful pink flamingos here. In August the beach is usually very busy, but it is quieter in June and September.

Marina di San Pietro (Castiadas)

This 3 km long beach has been described by several magazines as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. This pristine oasis is perfect for families with children who can snorkel in crystal clear sea. Much of it is a fairly sandy beach, but there are also a number of accommodations and restaurants that use part of the beach. Here umbrellas and sunbeds are offered for rent and showers are available for a fee.

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Spiaggi di Porto Giunco (Villasimius)

The Giunco ​​beach really is a picture. With the pink flamingos in the lagoon of Notteri in the background you can enjoy with the children on a wonderful white and wide sandy beach. The sea water is crystal clear and descends very gradually. On the beach you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and there are several kiosks. There is a large parking lot just in front of the lagoon. Tip: walk with the kids on the beach to the left, towards Timi Ama, and climb over the rocks to another beautiful beach, Simius Playa.

Punta Molentis (Villasimius)

Villasimius the perfect destination for families. We just mentioned Giunco, but Punta Molentis is also a wonderful example. The kids can play and splash in shallow water here. You can park reasonably close by and there is a bar and restaurant on the beach. You can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas locally if you wish.


Geremeas beach is an absolute insider tip. Due to its location, the long sandy beach of about 2 kilometers is not so crowded, even in the middle of summer. For a snack and a drink you can visit the bar and kiosk. If you are traveling with older children, we recommend that you also take a look at the beach Mari Pintau, just past Geremeas towards Cagliari. The sea here is beautiful in color and the seabed (unlike the beach) is without pebbles. Do go early in the morning, otherwise it will be full!

Nora, Pula and S. Margherita di Pula

There are several child-friendly beaches in Pula. Close to Nora is Su Guventeddu beach, which is characterized by fine white sand and a shallow sea. The beach of Nora is also ideal for families with small children due to the shallow water and the presence of a large car park and kiosk. You will find another pearl in Santa Margherita di Pula: Cala Bernardini. This long white sandy beach with clear, shallow water is also very suitable for children. To reach this beach it is best to park in the park La Pineta (for a fee). Here children can also do tree climbing in the Adventure Park!

Sa Colonia (Chia - Domus de Maria)

On the beach of Sa Colonia in Chia you arrive at a large dune landscape with a wide sandy beach and crystal clear sea. There is ample parking and a number of eateries.

Porto Tramatzu (Teulada)

In addition to an endless fine sandy beach, the beach of Porto Tramatzu also offers a beautiful view of Isola Rossa. The shallow water is ideal for children to bathe, but it can sometimes be very windy. On the beach you can rent beds, there is a bar / restaurant and you can also rent pedal boats or a boat. A large parking lot is located right next to the beach.

Enjoy with the kids on the beaches in Western Sardinia?

The routes along this rugged coastline are very special and the beaches are often exceptional. However, the sea can sometimes be rougher and the current a little stronger. Yet there are also a few child-friendly beaches in this region - especially in the northwest of Sardinia.

Scivu (Marina di Arbus)

On the southwest coast is the beautiful Scivu beach. Due the parking lot you follow a somewhat longer and descending path to the wide beach. Fine grains of sand and shallow crystal-clear water guarantee a wonderful beach day with the family. Due to its location in a sheltered bay, the sea is generally very calm here. Beach chairs are available for rent and there is a kiosk.

Putzu Idu

Putzu Idu is a special beach on the west coast. The beach of about 1500 meters consists of shallow and crystal clear. On the beach you will also find various eateries and you can park nearby. Tip: from here you can also join a boat trip along the coast.

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La Speranza (Alghero)

Just south of Alghero lies the beautifully secluded and quiet beach of La Speranza. The sheltered bay and the shallow water make bathing pleasant for the children, and fresh fish specialties are available in the restaurant of the same name.

Le Bombarde (Alghero)

This beautiful beach in Alghero is very popular with families with children because of its shallow water and fine sand. You will find a parking lot, kiosk, water sports rental and a climbing park.

Lazzaretto (Alghero)

The fine sandy beach Lazzaretto is located in a large bay and has a beautiful view of an old 17th century tower. Don't forget your goggles, because you can snorkel beautifully. In addition to the restaurant and bar, there is also a pedal boat rental.

La Pelosa (Stintino)

La Pelosa, close to Stintino, has been voted several times as one of the most beautiful beaches, not only in Italy, but also in Europe. The sea colors from clear blue to turquoise and the fine white sand makes you imagine yourself on a tropical beach. Thanks to its location in a cove, protected by Capo Falcone and the islets of Piana and Asinara, the sea here is very calm, even when the Mistral wind is blowing.
Please note: it is a very popular beach, so look for a nice spot early in the morning during high season!

In addition to wonderful relaxing moments by the sea, the island also offers various fun attractions for children . The island has a number of water parks in both north and south Sardinia and there are also several excursions of interest to young holidaymakers. Check out our great tips for a Day out with the children in Sardinia

Would you like help finding a nice accommodation close to a child-friendly beach in Sardinia? Tell me about your travel wishes ; I'll be happy to give you personal advice.


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