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Short coastal tour Sa Ribba Ruia from Porto Istana to Porto San Paolo

The rugged coast from Olbia to Porto San Paolo is only accessible to vehicles in a few places, so it is best to hike this uniquely beautiful part of the island!
Porto Istana - Der spektakuläre Badestrand von Porto Istana auf der Landzunge Capo Ceraso mit seinem puderweichen Sand

Dreambeach Porto Istana

Our short but wonderful coastal tour starts in Porto Istana , which is spectacular bathing beach on the Capo Ceraso headland with its powdery sand. Sufficient parking spaces ("Parcheggio Spiaggia Porto Istana") are available on the well-developed beach, from Olbia it can be reached by bus number 5.

... further from bay to bay

Bathing paradise Porto Istana: The shallow water is ideal for paddling, swimming and walking, so it is lively here at least in August. However, with a pair of sneakers or hiking gear, you can easily escape the crowds as you can take the shallow beach south to reach three more bathing bays located south of the beach entrance. From now on, a not overlooked, well-trodden path leads along the coast.
In contrast to the northern half of Porto Istana, where some villas with private access to the beach are located as a pearl necklace along the coast, the southern half of the bay is completely undeveloped.

The further course of this coastal tour is quickly explained: just always follow the beaten path. This area was previously known as Sa Ribba Ruia, in English "The Red Coast", because rusty red rocks and jagged reefs rise from the tides, interrupted by mini bays and larger sand sections: Sa Punta de su Tronadu, Sa Puzzonina e Sa Corradina are the Sardinian names of the small beaches. The largest of these is called Sa Fenosa. There are some private properties here, the beach is not accessible to the public by land and is hardly visited. Wonderfully lonely, especially in the low season!

The coastal path leads to the sometimes narrow and overgrown with all kinds of Mediterranean scrub path on Costa Corallina. On the way we encounter another unusual building: an abandoned lime kiln in which limestone was once heated to over 1000 degrees. The lime, which has broken down into white powder, is traditionally used in house construction and as facade paint, wall cladding and as fertilizer in agriculture. The rapidly growing macchia from rock roses, mastic and strawberry trees once served as fuel.

From here you can already see the houses of the villa settlement of Costa Corallina, Exclusive properties by the sea almost extend to the beach, which can be reached via an unlocked garden gate. Here is also the small marina of Costa Corallina, over which a bridge leads to the opposite side of the small river mouth. Once there, our way leads us over the beach of a hotel for another kilometer along the coast to Porto San Paolo, the entrance is marked by a stone staircase. Once in Porto San Paolo, this walking tour leads back on the same path.

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Short coastal tour Sa Rubba Ruia from Porto Istana to Porto San Paolo