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Agriturismo Is Cheas, San Vero Milis - Sardegna

The stunning agriturismo Is Cheas in west Sardinia is run by the young couple Juan Carlos and Francesca, who bought an estate near San Vero Milis to make their life-long dream come true; to build a sustainable agriturismo and to indulge their guests, staying in truly unique rooms, with pure Sardinian dishes made of fresh and local products.


The agriturismo consists of 4 beautiful shepherds huts, so-called Pinnettas. These typically Sardinian huts are eco-friendly and built with local products, such as basalt blocks and sheep wool, which serves as isolation. The cosy and comfortable huts all have their own colour scheme and name. Depending on the hut, it can accommodate 2 - 4 guests. Overlooking the pool and the vineyard, all huts feature a private bathroom and air-conditioning.

A perfect stay for those...

Is Cheas is perfectly suited for couples and families in search of nature and tranquility, combined with good quality food. It's the perfect base for a journey of discovery along the numerous villages, sights and beaches in west Sardinia.

Accommodation & facilities:
• Parking space
• Bar / Restaurant
• Swimm...
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Pool: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Beach: 16 km.
Village: 5 km.
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Agriturismo Is Cheas

San Vero Milis

San Vero Milis is a small village in the province of Oristano. Most of its inhabitants are employed in the agricultural sector or are responsible for the production of the renowned Vernaccia wine. Even though this western part of Sardinia is fairly unknown, it's definitely worth a visit. Highlights are the extraordinary beaches, the archaeological site of Tharros and the flocks of pink flamingos in the salt lakes. The village of Cabras, near San Vero Milis, is known for its bottarga. Golf aficionados can visit the beautiful 18-hole golf course of Is Arenas at ca. 13 km.
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Discover the province of Oristano in west Sardinia

The province of Oristano and its eponymous capital are located in the western part of Sardinia. The fairly levelled area is relatively unknown to tourists. Nevertheless, the authentic town of Bosa and the other historic villages and archaeological sites with ancient roots in this region are definitely worth a visit. Oristano has extensive vineyards where the Vernaccia grape is grown. Don’t forget to try a glass!
The coastal area of the Sinis peninsula is a protected marine reserve. The lake of Santa Giusta is inhabited by pink flamingos and other migratory birds. The fishing village of Cabras is renowned for the production of “bottarga” (roe), which is used in many Sardinian dishes. At the equestrian tournament “Sa Sartiglia”, held in Oristano for the past 500 years on Carnival Sunday and Mardi Gras, masked horsemen galloping on steeds at breath-taking speed aim their swords at a tin star.
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+ Room S’Azulu (2 pers.)

+ Room Sa Birde (2 pers.)

+ Room Sa Birde (3 pers.)

+ Room Sa Grogu (2/3 pers.)

+ Kamer Sa Grogu (3 pers.)

+ Room Sa Grogu (4 pers.)

+ Room S'Arrubia (2/3 pers.)

+ Kamer S'Arrubia (3 pers.)

+ Room S'Arrubia (4 pers.)

Rates are per room per night, breakfast and dinner included
Arrival: daily
Minimum stay: 1 night
Agriturismo Is Cheas
Reviews: 3

Vrijstaande Pinetta's ( herderhutten met rietendak) bij een mooi aangelegd zwembad

Peter en Saskia

Als je van heel rustig houd zit je hier zeker goed


Ik vond jullie geweldig. Na 1 telefoontje al met zo'n goed reisvoorstel komen!

Edith en Menno