Sardinia, a unique experience

Travel tips for a Sardinia holiday

We will tell you everything you need to know for a holiday to Sardinia; the best sights, the most beautiful beaches, the delicious Italian food and a few Insiders tips. Be inspired for your Sardinia trip.

Travel & accommodation

Sardinia can be easily reached by plane or ferry. The flights are often not too expensive and you can arrive at one of the three airports on the island : Olbia, Alghero or Cagliari. Alternatively, you can also choose to take the crossing by boat by car. Here we definitely recommend a night crossing with sleeping cabin . The public transport is unfortunately not very well developed yet. We therefore recommend that you explore the island with rental car or your own car.
Strand Porto Giunco

Dream beaches

Sardinia is also regularly referred to "the Caribbean of the Mediterranean", because here you can find dreamlike sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters. There are also very special beaches, such as the rice grain beach Is Arutas with quartz sand, which shimmers in all colors. With a coastline of no less than 1,840 km you will find a variety of beaches, from rough cliffs with enchanting bays to miles of sandy beaches. Where to find the most beautiful beaches? Discover it quickly!

Make a varied tour

Sardinia has so much to offer that it is a shame to only visit one accommodation. The island is very diverse and so varied in terms of landscapes.
Grotte di Nettuno
Alghero (Foto S4A)
Kust Alghero

In the northwest enchanted in particular the town is Alghero a > the region, it is located directly on the coast and has a beautiful old town. Here they actually still use the Catalan language that was obtained from the time of the Spanish occupation. Alghero is therefor also called little Barcelona. Very worth seeing is the fortress, built by a Genoese aristocratic family in the year 1102. In the northwest, spectacular cliffs alternate with beautiful white beaches and crystal clear water. Here you can still find unspoiled bays. Alghero and its surroundings have a lot to offer and you will mainly find charming hotels and agriturismos where you can relax. Alghero should not be missed during your tour, so be sure to check out our accommodations in the Sassari region .
San Giovanni
su nuraxi barumini - nuraghe sardinie
Laguna Cabras

The west of the island is still wild, rugged and unspoiled. Here you are far away from mass tourism and you can discover the beautiful nature of the Costa Verde . The sea here is slightly rougher and therefore very popular with surfers. Because sometimes the stronger current prevails here, you cannot let children swim unsupervised. But here you will find very special beaches. A real highlight is the peninsula Sinis with the famous rice grain beach "Is Arutas" with colorful shimmering quartz sand. In the west you can also visit one of the many archaeological sites from the Stone Age to the Roman period. In this region you will find nice rural agriturismos, but certainly also a few luxury hotels. Plan your stay in the wild west of Sardinia.
S. Margherita di Pula
Cagliari - Uitzicht op de zee vanaf de "Sella del Diavolo"
Cagliari - Zicht over de wijk Stampace

In the south is the capital Cagliari of the island of Sardinia, of which the oldest part of the city is located along a steep hill surrounded by old city walls. The city has many attractions, cozy piazzas and shopping opportunities. The area offers beautiful nature parks and here you can also find flamingos. A region where many excursions are worthwhile! In addition, beautiful beaches can be found in the south, especially the 8 km. long sandy beach of Cagliari; Poetto. You will also find many long white sandy beaches in the direction of the southeast in the area of ​​Costa Rei. Along the southern coast, you can enjoy one of the beautiful holiday homes or villas during your stay, but you can also spend the night in one of the beautiful hotels or at some agriturismos. Are you curious about what suits you? View here our offer in the province of Cagliari .
Cala Goloritze
Lago del Cedrino
su_goroppu (Foto S
Kust Ogliastra (Foto Marieke)
Murales a Nureci

An undiscovered pearl of the island is the east with its beautiful beaches on one side and the rugged interior around the Gennargentu massif on the other. Here you can enjoy hiking through the mountains and discover the beautiful valleys and plateaus. The name Barbagia comes from the time of the Romans and represents the indomitable barbarian land. In this region you will find many old traditions. The coast of Cala Gonone just north of Arbatax is unique. This coastal strip is characterized by high rocks and an almost innumerable number of small bays, mostly consisting of a mixture of pebble and sand and crystal clear water. Also worth seeing are the Bue Marino caves on the coast of Cala Gonone and the Caves di Ispinigoli in Dorgali. Around Orosei you will find numerous white sandy beaches, which are also very suitable for children. Both in Nuoro region and Ogliastra region are charming hotels and agriturismi for a wonderful stay.
Capo Ceraso
Berenrots (Foto Marieke)
Costa Smeralda - Marieke

The stunning Costa Smeralda in the Northeast offers charming towns with promenades, many shops, marinas and has long attracted the jet set. Here you will also find fantastic white sandy beaches and hidden bays where you can swim, but also snorkel or dive. The sea here is also very suitable for children because it gradually gets deeper and there are no dangerous currents. In the northwest you will find a diverse range of accommodations; large resorts, small cozy hotels, B&Bs, agriturismos and also holiday apartments and holiday homes. Fancy? See what suits you best in terms of accommodation in the Olbia-Tempio region.
Agriturismo Borgo dell'Arcangelo


An agriturismo is a special form of accommodation. Converted farms not only offer uniqueness of the land, but also delicious local regional dishes made from home-grown produce. Read more about staying overnight in an agriturismo .
tharros sardinie - bezienswaardigheden sardinie in regio oristano.png


Hardly any island has as much archeology to offer as Sardinia. The island has been inhabited since the early Stone Age and was home to many cultures. Even today, many traces of the past can be found all over the island, the so-called fairy houses, giant tombs, nuraghe as well as settlements of the Phoenicians, Punians, Greeks and Romans. Discover more about the archaeological sites of Sardinia here .

Animal Kingdom

In Sardinia you will find numerous rare animals and plants protected as the small wild Giari horses, wild sheep, muflone ​​and the bat (Sardinian long-eared bat). In Calgliari, Alghero and Oristano you can admire the saltwater lakes Flamingos . There are also a number of large game parks and nature reserves in Sardinia.

malloredus - pastagerecht met salsiccia - sardinie (2).png

Sardinian cuisine and culinary specialties

Sardinian cuisine has many special features to offer. The traditional interior is best known for its special meat dishes; the famous porcheddu, stews, tasty pastas, cheeses and delicious wines form unique combinations. However, the coasts are known for fresh fish and shellfish. Good lobster, king prawns and the best Mediterranean fish. Isola San Pietro in southwestern Sardinia is also known as the tuna island mentioned. Here you can eat unforgettable fish dishes that are definitely worth a trip. A specialty that refines many dishes is the Bottarga, the roe of the big-headed hardener.
It is best to enjoy Sardinian dishes during a stay in an agriturismo, as the owners prepare tasty specialties from products from their own land. In addition, excellent wines and oils are served from our own cultivation or from our own immediate surroundings. Some also offer cooking classes, so you can learn the cooking techniques on site and take home the specialties of your holiday.

If you need help putting together your unique Sardinia holiday? Tell me your travel wishes and I will advise you personally whatever suits you best.